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China Customized Hologram Stickers Manufacturer

by:LG Printing     2020-10-14

The dynamic and colour altering feature of a hologram attracts consideration and is easy to determine and difficult to replicate. It is because of these reasons above that hologram labels are broadly used to protect merchandise and paperwork. It cannot be produced by the standard ink-based mostly printing technologies like offset, rotogravure, flexography etc. Only a hologram producer can produce a safety hologram.

Yes, hologram stickers can carry sequential numbering, bar codes, random codes, QR codes. Any kind of variable data could be integrated as a visible or invisible factor in the hologram.

Manufacturer of cellular phone accessory, digital camera, digital camera accessory, and accessories. With good printability and price advantage, holographic PVC is a favorite material for making Christmas decoration objects, stickers, stationery and posters. Holographic PVC can also be used for glitter and sequin application. Upload your plain-colour emblem, drawing or photo and we'll create a custom holographic sticker that is minimize to your specifications. Work with us directly to make sure your stickers look completely awesome.

We recommend storage in 25 degrees Celsius temperature and 65% Relative Humidity in a dry space. If saved in its original packaging in these conditions, the holograms ought to be good for consumption upto 4 months from despatch.

The hologram manufacturer will usually do that as a final process previous to despatch. A hologram sticker or label is a visible authentication characteristic that helps a viewer to differentiate a genuine product from a replica product. Hologram labels can be found in each reels and sheets to fit your allotting needs – guide or mechanical. If your quantities are massive then machine utility of holograms are also attainable. We can refer some label applicator producers to you who will provide you with machines customized to your wants.
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