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Carries an anti-counterfeit label for the common types and application scope

by:LG Printing     2021-02-28
Seven anti-counterfeiting labels, which is commonly used in the packaging, labels, laser hologram label, such as easy shredding paper base local open type label, rules, exposing the type composite anti-counterfeiting labels, holographic reveal open type label, product coding blew open label, barcode labels, and other personalized labels, etc. Anti-counterfeiting labels categories: < br />
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1. Easy shredding anti-counterfeiting labels: use special materials or fragile stickers, easy shredding the above may be printed trademarks, text and bar code, and paste on the packing after can't complete lifts, once have, paper is broken.

  2. Laser holographic anti-counterfeit labels, stickers type: the holographic anti-counterfeiting producer on the adhesive material, need not besmear when using any adhesives, and adaptability to mechanical is better. Its great faults can be repeated use, make some outlaw can use old packaging and labeling of counterfeiting, and thus affect the anti-counterfeit label anti-counterfeiting effect. Prevent jie: jie type labels made up for the shortcomings of ordinary adhesive labels, when from the label on the packaging will be unveils the holograms on the label has been beyond recognition, can't use again, to stop using the old label counterfeiting behavior. Hot stamping type: type hot stamping is a kind of fundamental cannot be stripped of the holographic anti-counterfeiting labels, it is the use of hot stamping machine to holographic anti-counterfeiting label printing on the packaging materials, and packaging materials. If to reasonably choose hot stamping location, the anti-fake effect will be better than the above two types.

  3. Local open type paper-based label: the label base material for coated paper, available gravure, letterpress and offset printing. Unlike ordinary open type digital anti-counterfeit labels, just opened the upper and bottom will have data, enter a query for consumer, has multiple anti-counterfeiting function.

  4. Rules to expose type composite anti-counterfeiting labels: the anti-counterfeit label stickers, carries an anti-counterfeit label for the class. When used, the label directly on the goods. Identification, will quickly uncover label, packaging will leave upfront design stealth graphic Yang figure; Graphic label stealth is under jie Yin figure, Yin and Yang are relative, the same size, equal number, without using any instrument, the equipment for identification. Have a jie namely loss, a loss is now, now is to know the characteristics of the true and false and cannot repeat use.

  5. Holographic reveal open type label: holographic after exposed to uncover type label uncover, tags to expose part of rules, showing a predetermined graphic information; The surface of hollow out, with the underlying graphic Yin and Yang are relative; With digital label bottom lower input query for consumer.

  6. Product code ( Digital) Tags: telephone number anti-fake engineering in recent years in domestic development is rapid, has been widely used in the security of all kinds of goods. As an important part of the system engineering of carrier - - Label, mainly paper-based blew open, open type and holographic open type 3 kinds.

  7. Barcode label, bar code is a kind of commodity code, effectively for the goods is people to make use of computer management and design. Currently using the barcode type is more, anti-counterfeiting barcode main one dimensional, two dimensional barcode two kinds. The clever use of the bar code technology to the commodity of anti-counterfeiting packaging and labels, can not only prompt it to better and faster application, and can achieve excellent goods are not counterfeit, protect the interests of the consumers. < br />
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anti-counterfeit labels, stickers are customized, guangzhou hong color printing co. , LTD. , to improve the enterprise brand, enhance the brand image: sign anti-fake label goods can increase domestic demand, make consumer trust, can pass the queries to distinguish true and false, consumers can also buy the rest assured, effectively combat counterfeit, purify the market, protect the enterprise market share, expanding production, increase enterprise profit purposes, improve enterprise well-knownness. Increase sales, improve product competition: when consumer is choosing the same goods must choose a guaranteed real product, easy to carry out sales business, can increase sales, improve market competitiveness, to help businesses understand product marketing information, to improve enterprise operation effect.

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