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Cabbage QR Code Traceability System Solution

by:LG Printing     2021-04-06
Vegetables are eaten daily by people, but food incidents have occurred frequently in recent years, so people are paying more and more attention to the quality of vegetables; today I want to introduce to you the cabbage QR code traceability system, which uses one thing, one thing. Code technology to completely record all the information of the origin, planting, supervision, harvesting, quality inspection of cabbage, etc., not only provides technical support for the production of enterprises, but also provides a guarantee for the creation of a green and safe shopping environment for agricultural products. So let's get to know some solutions of the cabbage QR code traceability system together.

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  1. Cabbage QR Code Traceability System Solution:

  1. The cabbage two-dimensional code traceability system assigns a two-dimensional code (large code) to each piece of land, which is used to record the whole process of cabbage growth. Each planting land is managed, and information such as the name, location, and soil environment of the cabbage planting base is entered into the system.

  2. The purchased cabbage seeds are cultivated through the cabbage QR code traceability system, and the seed information is entered into the system, including seed varieties, production batches, etc. After the seeds have germinated, the production of seedlings will be recorded, such as Information about watering, fertilizing, etc. When the seedlings grow to a certain height, they need to be transplanted. During the transplanting process, the staff and the land to which they were transplanted and the later planting information will be recorded.

  3. The cabbage QR code traceability system is associated with the Internet of Things equipment to monitor the environment in which cabbage grows, the types of pesticides used in the growth process, the time of spraying, the spraying personnel, and the number of pesticides used. 100 monitoring management.

  4. The cabbage QR code traceability system will record the growth cycle of cabbage. During the harvesting process, it will record the variety, batch, harvest time, quantity and other information of cabbage. At the same time, the quality inspection department will conduct quality inspection and report the inspection. Enter it into the system uniformly, then package the cabbage with a code (small code), synchronize the large code information to the small code, and then transport the cabbage to the designated sales point for sale.

  5. Consumers can obtain detailed information of cabbage by scanning the QR code on the product, making cabbage information open and transparent, which is conducive to improving consumers' trust in the company.

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   2. The benefits of the Chinese cabbage QR code traceability system:

  1. It can help companies establish a brand image: if your product is affixed with a QR code traceability label, then consumers can scan the code to view specific details, such as product manufacturer, brand name, weight, raw materials and other brand information, Better convey brand information, make information transparent, online, and visible, and better build consumer trust.

  2. It can help companies accurately recall problem products: once a product has a problem, through the QR code traceability system, you can accurately find which link has the problem, and who is responsible is clear, and can be quickly and accurately Trace, recall and deal with problem products.

  3. Tracking and controlling the entire logistics process: The QR code traceability system gives the product a QR code, one product and one code, and the product must be scanned in and out of the warehouse. Which area is currently flowing and who is responsible for transportation management, and is formal The company knows how long the circulation process takes.

   The cabbage QR code traceability system monitors the quality of cabbage throughout the process, which improves work efficiency and brand awareness; if you also want to customize the QR code traceability system, please contact us. We have a professional anti-counterfeiting team and The design team can design for free and will bring you a one-stop anti-counterfeiting solution.

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