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Buy only that CD duplication and printing equipment

by:LG Printing     2020-07-15
Common Terms PC Connect Autoloader - Autoloaders are a low to mid volume CD and DVD duplication device which can duplicate about 50-500 CDs per day in an automated operation. They use an automated method to move CD, DVD, or Blu-ray recordable media between devices. A PC connect autoloader needs a PC connection for functioning. A Firewire or SCSI adapter is generally used to make this connection. The condition is that the host PC should be running a Microsoft operating system. But, the product specifications should be checked in advance to know which connection type and operating system is needed. An alternative for a PC connect autoloader are autoloading CD printers which let you print on CDs or DVDs. The advantage of connecting a host PC to a CD or DVD duplicator is that there is more control over the duplication process. This happens because the process benefits by using the features of the host and its operating system. An autoloading CD or DVD printer can also be added to many duplication systems by connecting it to a PC. For instance, Maria, who is on the same network as the host PC, wants to transfer data files to the host PC. She can simply do so with the help of the network and then use the host PC to start the duplication job. Another scenario can be that John wants DVD or CD duplication from the data located on the host PC. He can simply do so via a PC Connect Autoloader. He can start the duplication process from the host PC without undergoing the process of burning a 'master' CD first. Standalone Autoloader - Standalone autoloaders, as opposed to PC connect autoloaders, do not require a host PC for duplicating CDs or DVDs. They can duplicate anywhere between 50-2500 and even more CDs per day. This autoloader is portable, easy to use, and is automated. They are simple to operate and are available in a variety of configurations. Some of the models also include a disc printer. A disc printer can print text or graphics directly on the surface of a CD or DVD disc. Network Recorder- This autoloader is also attached to a PC. It has powerful software which lends network wide access for CD or DVD recording. The software also helps to customize data or discs label. This means that numerous custom CDs or DVDs with data specifically pertaining to customers and matching disc labels can be automatically created. Each disc is unique in itself and DVD or CD duplication can be done in large quantities. CD/DVD Tower Duplicator - This high speed CD-R or DVD-R drive designed to duplicate does not need a PC for duplication. This equipment uses the manual method and comes at a low cost with simple to use features. The sales staff at the companies which sell different kinds of DVD and CD duplication equipment can help find you the best device according to your need and budget.
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