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Bronzing anti-counterfeiting label

by:LG Printing     2021-04-05

With the continuous development of the market economy, the market tends to be integrated, counterfeit and inferior goods are increasing, and the interests of consumers and producers cannot be guaranteed. Therefore, applying bar code anti-counterfeiting technology to commodity anti-counterfeiting is an inevitable trend of the times. There are many bar code anti-counterfeiting technologies. We will introduce the following advantages and features.

 One. Understanding of bronzing anti-counterfeiting labels

   Hot stamping anti-counterfeiting label is a kind of label that realizes anti-counterfeiting through printing process and technology. Hot stamping can be divided into through plate hot stamping and positioning hot stamping. Because through plate hot stamping is too common, it is rarely used in label production. The bronzing anti-counterfeiting labels are basically hot stamping.

  2. Its technical principle

   Our genuine anti-counterfeiting hot stamping anti-counterfeiting label uses electric eyes to locate the position of the hot stamping pattern, which is more technically difficult than ordinary full-page hot stamping and has a higher anti-counterfeiting effect. We can also combine various anti-counterfeiting technologies such as temperature change anti-counterfeiting, dripping anti-counterfeiting, two-dimensional code anti-counterfeiting, pattern security anti-counterfeiting, etc. according to customer's customized needs to continuously increase the difficulty of anti-counterfeiting and protect the reliability of your brand.

  3. Advantages and Features

   Bronzing anti-counterfeiting is a very common anti-counterfeiting technology, which is relatively popular. Products with such anti-counterfeiting labels are easier for consumers to accept and believe that your products are genuine.

  二. Security label application manufacturing industry

  1 In terms of drugs, drugs are closely related to people’s physical and mental health. Therefore, the counterfeit and inferior drugs are not optimistic. Therefore, the application of bronzing anti-counterfeiting labels is much safer and more comprehensive than not applying anti-counterfeiting labels. Our customers have a guarantee of safety and completeness.

  2. In the book, pirated books emerge in an endless stream, which is a kind of disrespect to the original creators. Because pirated books are cheap, it is difficult to distribute genuine books, which also constitutes the original creator's energy and material damage. The use of bronzing anti-counterfeiting labels can avoid this behavior.

  3. Since the sale of fake ingredients has many safety and security problems, and the counterfeit and inferior ingredients are also very important. Therefore, we decisively cannot buy fake ingredients, so the application of bronzing anti-counterfeiting labels at this time is very It's the key.

  4. In electronic equipment, manufacturers do not expect their products to be counterfeited, which will cause inevitable loss to both manufacturers and customers, so manufacturers can choose bronzing anti-counterfeit labels to eradicate the incidence of this practice .

   5. As far as tobacco leaves and alcohol are concerned, high imitation cigarettes and fake alcohol are very harmful to the body. There are also many news reports of fake alcohol drinking dead bodies, so we must pay attention to the recycling of anti-counterfeit labels. Commodities are guaranteed commodities. Manufacturers can choose the anti-counterfeiting technology of bronzing to ensure that their commodities are not harmed.

  6. In electronic products, manufacturers do not want their products to be shoddy, which will cause certain loss to both manufacturers and consumers, so manufacturers can choose bronzing anti-counterfeit labels to prevent this behavior occur.

  7. As far as tobacco and alcohol are concerned, fake cigarettes and fake alcohol are very harmful to the human body. There are also many news about the death of fake alcohol, so we must pay attention to buying products with anti-counterfeit labels. , This is the guaranteed product. Manufacturers can choose bronzing anti-counterfeiting technology to ensure that their products are not harmed.

   refers to the common manufacturing industry for bronzing anti-counterfeiting labels. There are many applications of bronzing anti-counterfeiting labels. Various publicity materials often have bronzing anti-counterfeiting technology. If you are willing to make a product anti-counterfeiting traceability system or anti-counterfeiting label, you can call for information.

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