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Branding 101: Why You Need Your Own Products

by:LG Printing     2020-04-15
Internet marketing is tough. The online world is the ultimate free market, and everyone's vying for attention. For the most part, they're all selling the same things. What I mean by this is if you're promoting Diet Pill MLM Z, so are tens, if not hundreds, of thousands more people. Moreover (I'm an academic; I live to place a good 'moreover' somewhere), hundreds of thousands more are promoting a competitive substitute. For the most part, the owners of your affiliate product or MLM aren't all that interested in helping you differentiate yourself and become one of the 3% of Internet marketers that actually succeed. They just want to sign up as many affiliates as possible and reap the ridiculous benefits of the numbers game. That's how THEY take their place among the 3%. What you need is to become a known quantity. People follow celebrities; how else do you explain the fact that financially struggling individuals will lay down $295 for a pair of shoes endorsed by some basketball player who has never done a single thing for them? Digression aside, at some point in your internet marketing career, you need to promote your own products. Name Brand: You This is not to say that you should cease to promote the opportunity or affiliate products that you are involved with. To the contrary, this will actually enhance your marketing of other people's products. Think about it; if you bought a particularly good grill from Wal-Mart, does that not make their future recommendations concerning other companies' products that the sell more valuable? Below is a list of the benefits of selling your own products: 1) You build name recognition all over the internet. People see your name all over the salespage, your image, the web URL that you have chosen. Not only will this enhance your image, it will cause others to want to work and partner with you. 2) You control the rules of engagement. This means no more waiting for checks to be written, or commissions to be transferred to your PayPal account after sixty days. You control the pricing structure, the refund guarantee... everything. 3) It gives you the opportunity to have affiliates make money for YOU. One of the worst kept secrets of any type of marketing, online or offline, is that the way to generate massive profits is to effect duplication of effort. Even if you are the best marketer in the history of online marketing, signing up affiliates will make you far more coin than you can ever make on your own. 4) If you are involved with any form of network marketing, you can offer your team an additional stream of income. Autoships are expensive, and assisting your team in generating some form of passive income while they build their downlines will go a long way in helping you retain your network - and grow it. Word of mouth is a powerful thing. 5) List building. The second most important aspect of Internet marketing after driving traffic is building and maintaining an email list. You can easily hook up your PayPal payment buttons to your Aweber account, or, if you don't use Aweber, create a registration page with your autoresponder of choice as your PayPal return URL. Closing Notes The list of benefits associated with selling your own products is exhaustive; this article names but a few. The important thing is that they build your brand. While creating your own original products is relatively easy with a good dose of imagination, some excellent research, and either a word processing application or screen recording software (or both), the lovely thing is that it doesn't have to be a product that you create. Revise an eBook that you acquired with Private Label Rights, record over the audio of a Private Label video course, or re-label a software app, and you're good to go. Create an original salespage and give the product a new name, and you're off to the races. Better yet, combine Private Label and personal research to add to and improve the products, and in no time, you'll be a name that we know of!
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