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Blockchain is promising in the anti-counterfeiting and traceability of retail products

by:LG Printing     2021-03-19
; Blockchain technology, especially the alliance chain, can be applied to many real-life scenarios in the high-frequency business field. At present, it is more widely used in the financial field. Liu Xiangdong, a researcher at the Economic Research Department of the China International Economic Exchange Center, told a reporter from the Securities Daily that domestic companies such as Huawei, China Merchants Bank, and CITIC are already using alliance blockchain technology to conduct business, such as UnionPay inter-bank point exchange system and China Merchants Bank direct payment Blockchain platform, China Construction Bank blockchain bancassurance business, China Ping An One Account Chain, and foreign blockchain platforms of IBM, Intel, SAP, JP Morgan, American Express, and Maersk Port Supply Chain System, Walmart Blockchain Chain physical security platform, etc.

  ; Considering that the blockchain of the alliance nature has an access mechanism, monitoring nodes, identity authentication, it has the characteristics of high performance, high availability, protection of security and privacy and support for penetrating supervision, and it can actively cater to the requirements of regulators , Implement a real-name system to facilitate supervision. Liu Xiangdong further expressed.

  ; The technical characteristics of blockchain determine that it has a lot to do in the scenario of anti-counterfeiting and traceability of retail products. Fu Yifu, a senior researcher at Suning Financial Research Institute, further elaborated on the specific application scenarios of blockchain in this field to reporters. First, solve the trust problem based on non-tamperable product information. Different from the traditional way, the blockchain, with its unique decentralized storage model, completely gets rid of the dependence on an organization or individual; at the same time, all the information on the chain is publicly recorded; and the data is also recorded on the public ledger. Covered; timestamp and cannot be tampered with. This is equivalent to the various links of retail products from production and processing to sales and after-sales. All information and data are truly and permanently recorded on the chain. Retailers, distributors, logistics service providers, brands and consumers, and even the government Personnel from all parties, including agencies and other relevant departments, can be tracked, thus solving the trust problem that cannot be overcome by traditional technology.

  Secondly, all kinds of commodity information can be traced in real time throughout the process. In essence, traceability is the process of information transmission, and its foundation is the process of production and circulation of the retail industry's commodity market. For commodities, starting from the origin of raw materials, they are produced and processed through a series of procedures, and the corresponding information flow is constantly updated and recorded as time goes by and the location changes. The technical characteristics of the blockchain just cater to this scenario: the data is made into blocks, the private key is generated by the cryptographic algorithm to prevent tampering, the time stamp is added, and the blocks are connected into a chain in chronological order. The result is All information in the blockchain can be traced in real time.

   In addition, it effectively curbs the creation of fake behaviors. Once information and data are on the chain, they cannot be tampered with at will. Therefore, in the process of production, circulation and sales of various commodities, if all links of information are required to be recorded on the blockchain, then the uniqueness of the commodity can be ensured. At this time, all kinds of fraudulent information cannot enter the blockchain, which will well curb the fabrication of fraudulent behaviors.

  ; In addition, the combination of blockchain and retail can also significantly improve efficiency and reduce costs. Specifically, information sharing on the blockchain allows data to be transmitted, verified and analyzed in real time between different departments, thereby effectively solving the problems of multi-party participation, information fragmentation, and inefficient repeated audits.

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