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Benefits of using fragile paper stickers

by:LG Printing     2021-08-25

  Fragile paper material is one of the common anti-counterfeiting, because the characteristics of the fragile paper surface material are easy to break, and the glue can be greater than the breaking strength of the surface material itself. After the surface treatment of the fragile sticker, the material is processed by printing, die cutting, etc. It is very fragile to prevent counterfeiters from using the original trademark to print in the middle to promote the sale of counterfeit and shoddy products.

   There are also some special chemical synthetic papers. This kind of paper self-adhesive labels are generally compatible with It is related to products with important functions such as water resistance, oil and chemicals. Self-adhesive stickers are mainly used in cosmetics and electrical products. They are suitable for the manufacture of non-marking products such as wet wipes labels, tableware supplies, household appliances, peeling stickers, etc. They are generally used for information labels for advanced products and environmentally friendly products.

  Substrate data type of paper sticker

  (1) Coated paper: Good printing reproducibility and low cost.

  (2) PVC material: good waterproof performance, not easy to tear.

  (3) Yinlong: solid texture, strong metal appearance, good oil resistance and stain resistance.

  (4) Ordinary aluminum foil: high temperature resistance, good ductility, can be used with steel seal or type seal.

  (5) Fluorescent paper: good color saturation, with the characteristics of luminous visible.

  (6) Breakable paper: Thin paper is easy to break and tear, and can be used as counterfeit label paper.

   Fragile paper stickers are difficult to formally apply to some non-traditional quality assurance methods The method of guaranteeing product identification is first used for mobile phones, telephones and computer accessories, car electrical, alcohol, drugs, food, cosmetics, product quality assurance, performing arts and other tickets, and can also be used to store products for exchange and tampering. The quality characteristics are high product prices. , Quality assurance responsibilities require high precision and accurate dates. Therefore, the quality of fragile rubber is directly related to the quality of after-sales service of the product. It can effectively prevent the emergence of various rubber materials and protect the interests of the enterprise.

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