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Benefits of cPanel/WHM

by:LG Printing     2020-04-17
It goes without saying that it takes a lot of tools to manage a website. You need to have a separate tool in order to build content for the website. When you have finished making your website the next in line task is management of the accounts for your website, which needs a different tool. Similarly, you need to get control of your website's backup through an altogether different tool and last but not the least you need a different tool to manage the server hosting your website. When you put together all these tools to ensure that your website is up and running, the cost increases side by side and if you do not put reigns of the operating cost of your website you may end up having to face a dismal bottom line of your income statement, and this is exactly where cPanel/WHM comes into play. If you are not in the know, cPanel/WHM is a web hosting solution that is based on Unix, providing users with a graphical interface including the automation tool, which helps making the web hosting process as simple as it can get. cPanel includes comprehensive and wide ranging tools, which are essential for an easy management of a website's content. It has become a renowned solution that helps in managing the content, accounts, files, security of data albeit the entire website easily. Whereas WHM, which stands for Web Hosting Manager helps in simplifying the process of managing website servers, it allows you complete control on server management process through your browser, which makes it worth its weight in gold. Some of the features that make cPanel/WHM one of the best and comprehensive web hosting solutions are given below. Excellent Security Unauthorized access to data is one of the critical issues for the perspective of web hosting, and it calls for best security measures to save the personal data of users from getting into wrong hands. In this respect cPanel/WHM allows you excellent security against bandwidth theft on the part of other websites, allowing you to maintain the highest level of security for your website. Similarly, the protection against Virus and Spam is also an important issue to handle and here again cPanel/WHM ensures that your website data is scanned and contains no Spam or virus. Management of Reseller Accounts Using cPanel/WHM you can easily allocate reseller hosting accounts to users, allowing them to manage any number of reseller web hosting accounts. Not only this, through Web Hosting Manager or WHM allows the reseller web hosting account holders to brand their reseller web hosting account, modify their cPanel appearance and much more. Easy Data Restore and Backup cPanel/WHM allows you to get back up and restore the data, manage the settings of your website and manage the schedules of your backups easily through an entirely web based wizard, making the backup and restore process an easier one for you. In addition to above mentioned features there are so many benefits of cPanel/WHM, which make it a comprehensive web hosting solution simple. The cPanel interface is intuitive and includes video tutorials and on-screen helps. This allows (specially who doesn't have knowledge of cPanel/WHM) hosting customers to manage their own accounts without any help or assistance of your support staff. Newbie's can also benefit from the Getting Started Wizards included with both cPanel and WHM. White-Label Reseller Support Another advantage with cPanel and WHM, you can sell white-label reseller accounts. That allows reseller customer to sell their hosting plans with their own brand name, their own name servers as well as reseller customer may replace the cPanel logo with their own brand logo. With the use of our Branding Editor and industry-standard CSS reseller may completely modify the appearance or look of our software (cPanel/WHM) as per their choice or site design. Even reseller may set their own payment systems for their white-label reseller business to provide a fully customized & branded experience.
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