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Bar code anti-counterfeit labels of function used in the goods

by:LG Printing     2021-02-27
Fake and inferior products to national, corporate and consumer has suffered serious losses. Fraud is to protect the interests of the state, enterprises and consumers. The product of a brand if you don't adopt effective anti-counterfeiting measures, could be a hit from a large number of fake products, damage the image of the products. With the transformation of enterprise management from extensive to intensive, in distribution channel management, as a result of the limitation of the technology and means, most companies continue to use the remains of tradition in the early years of the operation mode and management mode, the way in terms of efficiency, cost, and control the disadvantages of increasingly prominent. Bar code anti-counterfeit labels in the goods have what use? What are they? With these we will coming when it comes to the problem. Please look down. The advantage of bar code anti-counterfeit labels < br />
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1. Uniqueness: general code enterprise in each product on a single label barcode labels, the bar code labels can be encrypted one-dimensional code or the form such as encryption qr code, contain product varieties of information, production information, serial number, sales information and so on, in particular, the two dimensional barcode can record more detailed sales area, sales director, key parts serial number and other data and information, for goods added a single, integrity and confidentiality of the identity and attribute identifier.

  2. After a bar code label in-out warehouse management, enterprise can be the delivery of cargo from storage for goods, warehousing, logistics, through strict monitoring of fast reading bar code, and make the distribution network in various business outlets have powerful commodity inspection, business outlets can be according to the need for goods sales region, product attributes, such as checks and matching, verification function will be on portable barcode scanning specific terminal, or through a laptop to add barcode scanner.

  3. Sales management of distribution enterprises by enters sells saves the software with the two-dimensional bar code technology, the combination of enterprise wide area network, it can implement all aspects of the whole process for goods distribution, effective and reliable management and monitoring. And further gain valuable commodity warehousing, logistics, distribution, collection data, such as headquarters for the enterprise management decision provides valuable statistical information, data and reports. Specific functions will include distribution area management ( Area management, head) , regional performance management, performance management, report management, etc.

  4. Merchandise anti-counterfeiting system first by one dimensional and two dimensional barcode anti-fake function. After enterprise encryption of one dimensional and two dimensional barcode, in the case of unable to get the key, others are unable to get the data and information in the two dimensional barcode. In addition, because each item of the two dimensional barcode each are not identical, and parts and the serial number alone has specific information, such as other people difficult to counterfeit, nor by optical methods to copy. And in the database recorded the logistics situation of every pieces of code, fake barcode no database records, it is easy to check processing, automatic alarm.

  5. After-sales service after-sales service department by scanning encryption type of two-dimensional bar code, bar code label in the source of the goods they save and attribute information, such as to treat in all aspects of maintenance, the strict identification and validation, ensure that the interests of the company is not compromised, and effectively improve the quality of customer service. < br />
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goods have barcodes now is we can see lines of black and white lines, the design is in order to convenient for goods to design effective management. Barcode information itself is actually a string of characters, exclusive scanners scan can obtain the content of the characters, so there is no anti-fake function of bar code, through the bar code can obtain product information, is actually a barcode software code for product according to certain rules to encode, by scanning bar code coding can find the product information, out of the bar code from software environment is simply a string of characters.

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