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Attention and use of code anti-counterfeiting label

by:LG Printing     2021-03-12
Anti-counterfeiting can be said to be a work that a brand company has to persist in. It is a long-standing thing to do. However, many anti-counterfeit label manufacturers on the market now want to find a satisfactory cooperator, and they must have all aspects of anti-counterfeit labels. Acknowledge, today the editor takes the code anti-counterfeit label as an example to introduce you the importance of the anti-counterfeit label in detail. The code anti-counterfeiting label is an important basis for determining the authenticity of a product. It is different from other commodities. It is not only a business, but also a duty. After the code anti-counterfeiting label is affixed, it is like giving a product an ID card.

  一. The issues that need to pay attention to the code anti-counterfeiting label are:

  1. The label should fit the shape of the product. For example, if the diameter of the beverage in a square cylinder bottle is small, a smaller label should be used. Generally speaking, if the size of the label is too large or too small, it is not conducive to the product. The anti-counterfeiting performance.

  2. The material of the code anti-counterfeiting label should be considered for the material of the product. For example, the product whose appearance is too lubricated. The general anti-counterfeiting label may not be able to be affixed to the appearance of the product. It is necessary to choose other materials.

  3. Requirements can be adapted to the same normal operating environment as the product. For example, if the product is supposed to be used and stored at a certain temperature or humidity, the production of code anti-counterfeiting labels should also have the same operating conditions, if it needs to be placed in low temperature Environment, the label also needs to be able to be pasted and used normally in a low temperature environment.

  4. Adhesives for the manufacture of code anti-counterfeiting labels also need attention. Generally, the appearance of soft PVC sometimes oozes plasticizer, so you need to choose a suitable adhesive that can better fit the product.

  二. The use of code anti-counterfeiting label:

   Code anti-counterfeiting labels are generally customized products. Only in this way can the anti-counterfeiting function be optimized and the company's products can be branded; common anti-counterfeiting signs are square, rectangular, oval, etc., with different sizes and shapes. They are common The dimensions are 25mm*16mm, 20*30mm, 20*20mm, etc. The size can be customized according to customer requirements, and even special-shaped labels can also be used.

  三. Steps required by anti-counterfeiting companies and enterprises:

   1. The enterprise shall provide the enterprise qualifications, such as the copy of the company's business license, tax registration certificate, trademark registration certificate, production permit, etc. with official seals.

  2. Provide brand logo and company name. The anti-counterfeiting company plans to sell a variety of anti-counterfeiting labels that the company meets for customers to choose according to the customer's anti-counterfeiting technical requirements for anti-counterfeiting labels and the condition of product packaging. The anti-counterfeiting label selected and planned by the customer, signed to confirm the plan draft.

  3. Sign an anti-counterfeiting agreement. The enterprise and the anti-counterfeiting company sign the anti-counterfeiting label manufacturing commission agreement and the network access contract. The network access contract specifies the rights and responsibilities of both parties. Signing the anti-counterfeiting agreement requires both sides to sign and affix the official seal.

   The code anti-counterfeiting label is displayed in front of customers. Many customers will not check anti-counterfeiting. If criminals take advantage of this part of the loop, it will cause many customers to lose their economic rights and interests. Therefore, the unique anti-counterfeiting technology is also very important. Importantly, as for the code anti-counterfeiting label, counterfeiters are for the benefit of fraud. Assuming that they want to imitate the developed technology, they must first crack the technology and also need to modify the printing equipment, etc., which invisibly increases the cost of imitation, which prevents them from Will simply imitate these patented technology products.

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