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At this time, there is a better alternative, that is, the choice of furniture stickers, in fact, is similar to the principle of some leather furniture, through

by:LG Printing     2020-01-12
First, the advantages: 1, good-looking a lot of wood-like stickers, decorated on the table, can almost play the effect of deceiving people's eyes, and their own antique table, suddenly as if to become a new table, this point can be felt as long as it is selected for some high-quality, not shoddy table paper. 2, cost-effective, now most of the stickers are made of PVC materials, not only the price is cheap, but also has some excellent effects such as waterproof, moisture-proof and anti-wear, etc, single-sided design with adhesive, no need to bring your own 502 can be directly attached to the desktop, of course, it is best to find someone to help when pasting, two people work together, more efficient when pasting the desktop. Second, the shortcomings: 1, formaldehyde pollution problem, formaldehyde pollution problem is a topic of many plastic stickers, self-adhesive tablecloth is naturally formaldehyde, formaldehyde will definitely have an impact on human health. If only a table is attached, it will be nothing. If the whole home is renovated, then the formaldehyde content produced is more. Of course, there is also a way, that is, instead of buying self-adhesive tablecloth, you choose to make your own glue. In the domestic glue industry, there are also several models that are free of formaldehyde pollution, such as potato glue, glutinous rice glue, etc. , which can solve this problem from the root, but in this way, the cost is greatly increased. 2, the durability is poor, in fact, the table paper is more durable than the paper, if you choose the quality of the poor, as the decorative paper cover of the table, the air will swell after half a year, and the time will be longer, in two or three years, it is almost beyond recognition and needs to be replaced frequently. Of course, if it is used on the desktop of some drawers, it may take a little longer because it is not commonly used, it is similar to the life of wall wallpaper. 3, for the table has damage, all said, the table paper is pasted, then how to take it down? It can only be torn off, which will cause great physical damage to the table. If the table at home is made of natural and precious wood, Xiaobian does not recommend using this desktop protection material, it seems to be a little lost. Three, renovation stickers mounting steps 1, buy favorite renovation stickers, the best wood grain and table can match, because most stickers can only be attached to the desktop, if the table is out of place, it will be very ugly. 2. Clean the furniture and remove the wood paint on the table top to ensure that the glue on the table paper can fit tightly with the wood table top, thus preventing degumming. 3. After the stickers are refurbished, wipe the surface with a rag, and the taste can be used normally for one night.
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