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At present, many enterprise brands are labeled with anti-counterfeiting labels, but there are still some enterprises that do not know what anti-counterfeiting labels are and also anti-counterfeiting labels for products

by:LG Printing     2020-02-23
What is the anti-counterfeiting label made? The Enterprise makes an anti-counterfeiting label for its own goods in order to prevent these fake and inferior products from appearing again. In addition, this also guarantees the interests of consumers. When consumers are shopping, they can easily distinguish 315 anti-counterfeiting labels to inquire about the fake and inferior products they have purchased, which can also make consumers more confident and at ease. The benefits of anti-counterfeiting labels for customized products by enterprises 1. Enhance customers' desire to purchase: goods without 'anti-counterfeiting labels' do not look standard, and customers have no desire to purchase. There is an 'anti-counterfeiting label' to enhance the product level and corporate image. 2. Systematic management method commodities: 'Sticking anti-counterfeiting labels' invisibly adds codes to each commodity, which is more beneficial to the systematic management method of enterprises. The process of commodities from production to sale. 3, the impact of posing as goods: good goods have a well-known, there are always illegal stores in large quantities of counterfeiting, to the goods with 'anti-counterfeiting labels', so that posing as stores can not be copied in large quantities. 4. Maintain competitiveness: commodities that do not have 'anti-counterfeiting marks' will inevitably be blocked during expansion. Only standard commodities with anti-counterfeiting labels in the national 315 product anti-counterfeiting inquiry center can be regarded as the core of the sales market, can maintain competitiveness. 5, the production is low cost, simple and very easy to identify, posing can not be copied, with corporate LOGO or unique patterns. This article is compiled and released by Shandong two-dimensional code anti-counterfeiting label. For more relevant information, click:
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