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As an upgraded product of anti-sticking paint, the anti-sticking sticker developed by Shenzhen Hongzhi technology, or anti-small advertising sticker, is used to prevent

by:LG Printing     2020-01-14
In fact, this so-called sticker is not attached to 'paper', but a kind of PVC 'cloth' with strong weather resistance. Then, as a new product to prevent small advertisements in cities, what are the characteristics and advantages of anti-stick stickers and anti-small advertising stickers, which are favored by urban management departments? First of all, the anti-stick patch can completely prevent sticking and basically prevent graffiti. For the pasting of various small advertisements, because there is a special coating on the surface of the anti-sticking cloth, almost all the adhesives cannot be pasted on it, and will fall off immediately, automatically and without trace. For oily graffiti, the anti-sticking patch 'sets' three 'lines of defense': first, because the anti-sticking patch has colored spray painting, the advertisement graffiti is on colorful pictures, unable to clearly display the content of its advertisement, the effect of graffiti is greatly reduced. In this case, the graffiti will be reduced. The second is the natural removal attribute of graffiti. Due to the anti-sticking effect of the coating of the anti-sticking patch on graffiti, the molecules of the graffiti material and the coating of the anti-sticking patch cannot form a stable molecular key, so the graffiti material is in the case of natural rainfall, the metropolis was washed away. The third is the easy-to-clean feature of graffiti. For some intractable oily graffiti, there is a graffiti scavenger that is matched with the anti-stick patch. This scavenger is a plant extract rather than a chemical solvent, which can be safe, environmentally friendly, non-destructive, low-cost, recommended, and quick to remove stubborn graffiti, at the same time, it will not damage the anti-sticking performance of the anti-sticking patch. It has solved the long-term problems of difficult graffiti removal and large pollution. Secondly, the anti-stick patch has a good beautification function. Since the anti-stick patch can be arbitrarily sprayed with pictures and colors, to some extent, the anti-stick patch can be used as a US city or as a public welfare. Of course, it can also be used for commercial publicity under the condition of legal authorization. Really is mastering many skills while specializing in thing multi-purpose. Thirdly, the construction of anti-sticking patch is simple and quick. Since anti-sticking cloth is a mature industrial product, all processes are completed in the production plant. Therefore, on-site construction is only pasting, which is completely different from anti-pasting coating, which requires outdoor spraying, drying and curing for many times. Almost overnight, the anti-sticking project of the entire street can be completed. Finally, the anti-stick patch has a long service life. All materials of anti-sticking patch are polymer materials, and their ultraviolet resistance and weather resistance have passed long-term tests. Therefore, the service life of the anti-sticking patch is more than 5 years. The use cost of the whole life is much lower than that of the general anti-sticking coating. It has excellent cost performance and cost-effectiveness ratio. Due to the technical advantages of anti-sticking cloth, it can be imagined that anti-sticking cloth will play an important role in urban management in our country.
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