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Are non-customized anti-counterfeit labels playing rogues?

by:LG Printing     2021-03-28

   Nowadays, two-dimensional code anti-counterfeiting labels are everywhere, so can the anti-counterfeiting labels on the product packaging effectively identify the authenticity? Many people may have this problem. In fact, the anti-counterfeiting industry is now a mixed bag. Many small workshops and printing houses take profits from this, mass-produce general anti-counterfeiting labels with almost no anti-counterfeiting function, and then sell them at low prices on shopping platforms, maliciously disrupting the anti-counterfeiting market. Such labels are invalid and have no basic anti-counterfeiting query function. In fact, the effective anti-counterfeiting labels on the market are customized QR code anti-counterfeiting labels.

  The anti-counterfeiting label is only used for anti-counterfeiting. Purchasing a batch of cheap, good-quality, but ineffective general anti-counterfeiting labels will not bring any good impact to the enterprise, but will only have a bad impact. The query interface is simple, there is no prompt, no result, and the query call cannot be reached. Putting on this label will only make people think that this product is fake. Even if it is a label that can be queried, the material will be cut corners, easy to fall off, easy to damage, easy to transfer, there is no physical anti-counterfeiting technology, the validity period is short, and it cannot be used in the market. Many companies are greedy for short-term cheapness. Unfortunately, the reputation of their products and brands has been damaged to a certain extent. Distributors no longer act as sales agents, which brings brand new challenges to the survival of the company. Once the reputation is damaged, it is difficult to recover.

  How to look at the anti-counterfeiting labels of customized models

   One, the uniqueness of the QR code. Unique QR code for each product. Even for the same batch of goods, the information contained in the QR code is not the same, which makes it impossible to hide fakes. Products can be imitated, but labels cannot.

   Second, the simplicity of query. No need to call or text. As long as you scan with your mobile phone, you can directly check the authenticity. A more convenient anti-counterfeiting query method has not yet appeared.

   Third, the timeliness of anti-counterfeiting. When querying each QR code, it needs to be authenticated by the back-end system, and the query information is recorded in the back-end database. Through WeChat positioning, you can know the time and place of each query. The QR code for multiple queries will remind consumers that there are multiple query records on the query interface to prevent fraud. Companies can analyze which data is abnormal from these query data, so as to know where there are fakes, and contact law enforcement agencies in time to carry out business cooperation and crack down on fakes.

  Fourth, merchants prevent channeling goods. Escaping goods and fake goods are both very hard work for companies. Consumers’ inquiries can let companies know whether the goods are sold in the right area. Once a large number of products are cross-regionally queried, you can know that there is an escape, and deal with dealers in a timely manner to maintain the stability of commodity prices, so as to ensure normal sales.

   5. Reliability of traceability. At present, all enterprises in our country are establishing a traceability system to ensure the reliability of their products. As a product of a QR code anti-counterfeiting label, it will not lag behind in this regard. It can not only check the source, but also track the destination. It can also realize accountability, which is both reliable and anti-counterfeiting.

  Customization is a brand company’s attitude towards products and consumption. Shanghai Shangyuan Information Technology Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise specializing in anti-counterfeiting, providing personalized and standardized services for brands. It is not only to enhance the credibility of the company, but also to protect the interests of the company's customer base, and promote customer base stickiness. If you have any related questions in the industry, welcome to communicate with our company and sincerely provide you and your customer service with sincere service.

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