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Application of two-dimensional code traceability system in food

by:LG Printing     2021-04-24
With the frequent occurrence of food quality problems in recent years, food quality has become the focus of consumers' attention and has become the inspection standard for businesses. Consumers do not trust the products and buy foreign products one after another. Now, the food QR code tracking system is launched. Consumers can scan the code to get detailed information about the food. Let's take a look at the functional advantages of the food QR code traceability system.

  一. Food QR Code Traceability Management System Advantages:

  1. The traceability method allows consumers to easily and quickly check the authenticity of the product.

  2. You can track according to any condition, one condition or multiple conditions.

  3. It can realize consumers' understanding of the past and present life of food, so that consumers can buy and eat.

  二. Food QR Code Traceability Management System Platform Function:

  1. Enterprise information management: Through the enterprise information management platform, users can maintain relevant geographic environment information, animal husbandry information and other enterprise information, and establish and improve rich enterprise information files.

  2. Product information management: Users can maintain basic product information, product introduction, nutritional value, product efficacy and other information related to the company through the product information management of the platform.

  3. Traceable information management: Through the traceable information management of the platform, users can maintain the information of each product batch according to the actual breeding and processing information of the product, such as animal husbandry, inspection and quarantine, slaughter, processing, and logistics. Breeding and processing process.

  4. Generation of encrypted traceability code: It can directly generate encrypted traceability two-dimensional code information on the traceability management platform, and print traceability labels.

   5. Evaluation information management: tracking management platform evaluation information management, real-time acquisition of consumers' true feelings and feedback information.

   6. Food can be circulated: food can be traced, can be sold and circulated. Consumers of your brand can rest assured that the government is paying more and more attention to the food traceability system. The number of documents issued by the government this year is on the rise. The traceable objects are mainly agricultural products (including meat, vegetables, fruits, etc.), food (including tea, dairy products and other alcoholic products and health food), and medicines (including traditional Chinese medicine).

  7. Guarantee brand: Food anti-counterfeiting system, logo and recall management, guarantee your brand. Each product generates a traceability + texture anti-counterfeiting QR code, allowing consumers to directly scan the authenticity of the brand to prevent counterfeit and inferior products and ensure that the brand is not misappropriated; timely recall problematic products to improve brand awareness and maintain their own brand image.

   8. More value-added marketing: The food industry realizes the Internet of Things, obtains market intelligence, and narrows the distance between consumers. Establish an oto channel, where there are many consumers, which products are selling well, and grasp the distribution of consumers. By scanning the code, consumers can fully understand the source information of the product and leave feedback information. Enterprises can directly obtain the terminal market manual information, thereby optimizing their own logistics distribution and sales policies.

  After continuous iteration and improvement, the QR code traceability system has formed a full-featured traceability system, which can solve the traceability of the entire life cycle and market food in food processing enterprises, and realize empty codes and The multi-purpose task code makes the code give the product and create additional value. The two-dimensional tracking system is a new food two-dimensional code tracking management system, which is composed of two-dimensional code anti-counterfeiting, anti-escape, product quality tracking, logistics tracking and other functions, according to today's serious food quality problems, to ensure the source of food quality.

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