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Application of traceability system in food

by:LG Printing     2021-04-09
In recent years, the government has repeatedly issued policies and measures that emphasize agriculture and strengthen agriculture, gradually realizing the development of agricultural information service technology, the development of information collection, accurate operation and management information, remote digitization and visualization, and early warning of agricultural products, so as to continuously promote enterprises; production; Information management. The traceability system is based on the technical principle of one item, one code. Consumers can understand the past and present of the product by scanning the anti-counterfeiting code on the product. We know that scanning codes can be traced, so do you know how the traceability system realizes its functions? We can take a look together.

  一. Technical principle of agricultural product traceability system:

  1. Growth period: In the seedling period, after the crops in the greenhouse grow seedlings, the electronic tags are hung on the crop seedlings, and wireless RFID reading and writing equipment is installed in the greenhouse, and the collected environmental data is read and written through RFID on a regular basis The device is saved in an electronic label.

  2. Production and processing: When the crop is mature and mature, the operator will perform preliminary processing on it. The processing personnel will automatically record the time and operator of the initial processing through the RFID scanning device, and save it in the RFID electronic tag.

  3. Detection of pesticide residues: After the initial processing is completed, the inspectors will carry out corresponding pesticide residue detections on vegetable crops, and save the detection information in the system after the detection;

  3. Logistics information: When the crops are transported, the RFID tags need to be recovered and the information reset (reuse). The agricultural product traceability system will automatically generate a QR code, which will be printed by the printer and attached to the batch of crops At the same time that the traceability system generates the QR code, it automatically binds the recorded growth environment data, pesticide residue information, and preliminary processing information to the QR code. The logistics information system administrator can manually maintain the logistics time, and at the same time Use mobile terminal applications or scanning guns to realize the collection of logistics start time and arrival time;

  5. Consumer scanning: The generated QR code is affixed to the packaging of vegetables. Consumers can scan directly with their mobile phones, and the mobile phones will display detailed traceability information of the vegetables, including growth environment data, pesticide residue detection information, etc.

  二. The function of the agricultural product traceability system:

  1. Agricultural product quality traceability

   Comprehensive use of network technology, short-term technology, barcode recognition technology, etc., to achieve the multi-terminal agricultural product quality traceability that integrates websites, POS machines, SMS and phone numbers.

  2, agricultural product production management

   Based on the production file information of agricultural producers, real-time recording of basic information, production process information, etc., production operation early warning, production file query and upload functions are realized.

  3. Agricultural product circulation management

   Implement market entry declaration based on market access control, manage the wholesale market operators, record the transactions of their products, and realize the whole-process management of the wholesale market.

  4. Agricultural product quality supervision and management

  Realize the functions of publicity and supervision of relevant laws, regulations, policies and measures; at the same time, complete the establishment, management and inquiry of the enterprise and agricultural product information database, as well as the distribution and management of anti-counterfeiting bar codes.

   The agricultural product traceability system uses advanced Internet of Things, mobile Internet, QR code, RFID and other Internet of Things technology to open up a trusted channel for consumers to gain in-depth understanding of agricultural product production information, and solve the problem of information asymmetry and opacity between the supply and demand sides. To escort agricultural products. It has realized the traceability management of information in agricultural production, circulation and other links, provided government departments with a basis for supervision, management, support and decision-making, and established a credible circulation system that includes production, logistics, and sales for enterprises. One product one code agricultural product traceability system is the traceability basis for consumers to purchase agricultural products, and it is also a weapon for enterprises to display and market agricultural products in all aspects.

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