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Application of invisible fluorescent anti-counterfeit labels, you know?

by:LG Printing     2021-01-31
For anti-counterfeiting of know already, the industry, then, you know each other more is qr code anti-counterfeit labels and laser anti-counterfeit label? May, you will occasionally seen carries an anti-counterfeit label for the temperature, however, about the fluorescent anti-counterfeit labels, you can be a bit strange. But it often appear in our life, just you didn't go to too much attention. Fluorescent anti-counterfeit labels and a title, called ultraviolet light anti-counterfeiting mark, it is in the application of a kind of very special label on the fluorescent ink, if light on our hands to touch or the eyes to see, is there is no way to find these pictures and flowing water, as well as text, we need cooperation to application of fluorescent lamp can see, this kind of invisible fluorescent code mostly water in the inside of the enterprise or the company the goods. Say that you have a clear a little, so, the next let small make up to you to introduce application what invisible fluorescent anti-counterfeit labels. < br />

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1, anti-counterfeiting labels: follow the stamps on the use of invisible anti-counterfeiting technology, carries an anti-counterfeit label for the similar size also started using this technique, the earlier the stealth technology is not perfect enough, printed text, patterns, Numbers are broken pen form, after many times test, repair the broken pen faults, makes the label under the fluorescence light you see information is more soft and clear. < br />
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2, prevent the transregional: now on the market use more transregional prevention method is using bar codes, using bar code scanning data storage, in the back channeling goods phenomenon, are dependent on bar code to find source head, in the long term, many counterfeiters decisive local cut off the barcode on the goods tags, no barcode, transregional trace can't carry out, therefore, the transregional phenomenon became many requirements, saves the cost of enterprise has a headache. Invisible fluorescent water code under the condition of basically without increasing cost, achieve the demand of the masses, the bar code and contact fluorescent code corresponding to the water, even if the bar code is damaged, but there are still invisible fluorescent code traceability, water, and the technology is invisible in not open under the condition of basically won't find it by others, this is one way to ensure that this technology is reliable. < br />
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3, security certificate: certificate is fit for in various fields, and have certificate of authorization, agent certificate, honorary certificate, diploma, jewelry appraisal certificate, skills, and so on, this is a personal identity documents, or a things are proved, with supporting documents, such as, some dealers enterprise needs to expand the market, you can use authorization certificate, agent certificate, normally we will certificate look very serious, therefore, has a high requirement on design aesthetics and anti-counterfeiting, when it comes to design beautiful and that is to say, the surface can not affect the appearance of things, at present, in order to make the certificate looks beautiful, but also has good anti-counterfeiting effect, mostly used is the golden thread, gravure technology, with more people are lack of novelty, technology is also a little single, it seems that the certificate of take out the shape of all kinds, but invisible fluorescent anti-counterfeiting can solve all phenomena, in does not affect the surface under the premise of aesthetic, increase the high difficulty anti-counterfeiting, increased the fresh, also can set up invisible anti-counterfeiting code, each copy of the certificate can be in the corresponding validation channels to carry out the query, avoiding many counterfeiters to make the agency book, selling counterfeit and shoddy products, brings to the enterprise reputation losses and economic damage.


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