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Anti-transfer flower knife product features:

by:LG Printing     2020-01-24
Counterfeit and shoddy products have seriously affected consumers' lives and corporate rights, causing confusion in the national market, so anti-counterfeiting labels are deeply loved and respected by everyone. However, the height of the road is one foot high. Now there are often fake and shoddy products on the market with real anti-counterfeiting labels. Consumers are difficult to identify, and manufacturers are even more miserable. Therefore, in the process of label printing, laser cutting technology is used to leave corresponding S, X or other knife marks on the surface of the label to effectively prevent the label from being used for the second time. In use, once the label is pasted and then lifted, it has been destroyed, which really plays a role in preventing removal and transfer. Characteristics of fragile paper products: 1. Fragile paper is an important kind of self-adhesive label. Its fabric breaking strength is far lower than the adhesive bonding ability. It has the characteristics of not being completely peeled off and not being reused after pasting. 2. After being processed by printing, die-cutting and other processes, fragile paper self-adhesive surface materials are made into fragile labels or fragile stickers, also known as fragile quality assurance stickers for commodities, it is mainly used in some unconventional commodity identification methods that are difficult to accurately guarantee by formal quality assurance methods. 3, fragile paper can be widely used in mobile phones, telephones, computer accessories, automotive appliances, alcohol, medicines, food, cosmetics, performing arts tickets and other high-end commodity warranty, it can also be applied to prevent theft or tampering of shopping mall goods. The guaranteed goods are characterized by high price, high quality assurance responsibility and high quality assurance date accuracy requirements. Therefore, the quality of fragile stickers is directly related to the quality of product after-sales service and the economic interests of merchants. The use of this anti-counterfeiting material can effectively avoid various losses and disputes. 4. Fragile paper self-adhesive labels, as anti-counterfeiting materials processed by special processes, have low tensile strength, are easy to break, have shrinkage and have certain requirements on temperature, humidity and storage period. 5. Usage: After pasting, if uncovering, the effect of tearing will occur.
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