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Anti-counterfeiting printing ink types are what?

by:LG Printing     2021-02-08
Security is to copy the check was fake, anti-counterfeiting technology is for the purpose of anti-counterfeiting measures, today small make up to introduce the anti-counterfeit printing ink technology, it is in the printing ink to add some special encryption formula, to distinguish it from the ordinary ink; According to the ink additives and detection method is different, anti-counterfeit printing ink can be divided into many types; So here small make up to you to introduce what are the kinds of anti-counterfeiting ink. < br / >

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a, anti-counterfeit printing ink types: < br / >
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1. Fluorescent uv ink: on the basis of the ink itself whether color is divided into color fluorescent ink and colorless fluorescent ink two kinds, the former printing graphic visible to the naked eye, the latter is not visible, but both need can show fluorescence under ultraviolet light. Because there are long wave and short wave ultraviolet (uv) light, fluorescent ink is different, the current application of long-wave ultraviolet ink.

  2. Sunlight excitation color ink: under the sun, can emit visible light ( 400~800nm) The anti-counterfeit printing ink.

  3. Infrared anti-counterfeit printing ink: will absorb infrared material added to the ink. For infrared absorption infrared ink, such as use this kind of ink in the printing quality of a local, without any reaction in the sun, but in the infrared radiation, can be observed in the corresponding signal or dark graphic.

  4. Photochromic ink: add photochromic in ink or light active compounds. With this kind of ink printing graphic, is a kind of color under the white light; Under ultraviolet light into red, blue or yellow, when with a white light irradiation, and back to nature, the process is reversible.

  5. Thermal anti-counterfeit printing ink: cause ink to add LCD when heated or cause the discoloration of compound chemical structure change and change color. Discoloration, some can be inverter; Some are irretrievable. In temperature 40 ℃ ~ 100 ℃, detection available fingers or a cup of hot water heating.

  6. Pressure-sensitive anti-counterfeit printing ink: add microcapsules containing discoloration in ink and the corresponding chemical reagent. With the ink printing graphic with visible and invisible, when the pressure to wipe with fingernail or hard object, namely changes color according to the design can be red, blue, black, green, purple, yellow wait for color. No longer reduction, said after the color logo is enabled, the products have been sold out.

  7. Magnetic anti-counterfeiting printing ink: ink add of magnetic material. With the ink printing graphic with magnetic detector can detect the magnetic signal. With the printed information such as password, available decoder readout. Due to the magnetic materials accessible, also easy to be wear and tear, thus influence its use effect.

  8. Optical variable anti-counterfeit printing ink ( OVI) : in adding tiny multi-layer coating, printing ink printed graphic from a different perspective, present a different color. Copy the distortion.

  9. The altered anti-counterfeit printing ink: ink with special compounds, the compounds XiaoZiLing or other white or color reaction. Use this ink printing cheque payment caps bar, once meet with white color or show & quot; Invalid & quot; With the words.

  10. Chemical encryption: ink in ink formulated special chemicals or other substances, printed invisible to the naked eye is invisible for graphic, identify, within the scope of the framed with corresponding reagent after appear invisible graphic or producing fluorescence.

  11. Multiple encryption ink: the above several security methods used in a printing ink, increased the difficulty of its generic, to improve the performance of security.

  12. Anti-counterfeiting ink filters and inkpad: sealed with user or inkpad is also a kind of ink.


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