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Anti-counterfeiting labels are not only anti-counterfeiting and anti-counterfeiting tools, but also a powerful guarantee for consumer rights. Consumers can identify anti-counterfeiting labels when shopping

by:LG Printing     2020-01-17
First, is the product with anti-counterfeiting label genuine? This can also be said to be not necessarily, or what if the forger posted a fake anti-counterfeiting code anti-counterfeiting label? Therefore, we must go to authentication and verify the authenticity in the correct way. There is another premise here. Consumers need to confirm whether this is the correct query and verification method adopted by the merchant, because the anti-counterfeiting code query prompt on the counterfeit goods is also true. The anti-counterfeiting inquiry system is not uniform. Brand owners cooperate with anti-counterfeiting companies to establish an anti-counterfeiting verification system. Counterfeiters cooperate with illegal companies to establish an anti-counterfeiting verification system. Consumers' inquiries will be prompted as genuine products. This requires the consumer to confirm what the merchant query method is. If the query method is false, the product must be false. Now consumers pay great attention to anti-counterfeiting labels when shopping. Products without anti-counterfeiting labels will produce serious distrust. But is the anti-counterfeiting label true? The answer is wrong. The anti-counterfeiting label on the product is not necessarily genuine. Before determining it, it needs to be verified in the right way. Two. What if the label is fake? 1. Of course, this vulnerability has been blocked. With the popularization of WeChat and the two-dimensional code technology, the current market mainly uses the public digital embedded Query mode, which is a very reliable and effective anti-counterfeiting authentication method, due to the number of business disclosure, Tencent needs to be authorized to restrict the embedded anti-counterfeiting inquiry system. Public numbers without authentication are not authorized to embed third-party applications. However, the counterfeiters cannot provide the company's qualifications through certification, nor can they copy the public Number Inquiry and verification methods. This scheme can completely eliminate the situation that counterfeit brand products are queried by counterfeit security codes. For brands, consumers are concerned about the number of fans of the corporate public, and it is also conducive to brand marketing. 2. Choose a regular anti-counterfeiting manufacturer. The quality of anti-counterfeiting manufacturers on the market is uneven. If the chosen manufacturer is irregular, the qualification examination is not strict, and the same anti-counterfeiting label may be sold by multiple enterprises, then the anti-counterfeiting label will lose its meaning and will be risky for enterprises; 3. Customized anti-counterfeiting products. We can try our best to customize special anti-counterfeiting products belonging to our own brand, and adopt new anti-counterfeiting technology, which is easy to identify. At the same time, they can also help the company improve its brand image; 4. Promote anti-counterfeiting products. If an enterprise uses anti-counterfeiting products, it shall carry out publicity and promotion to enable consumers to understand anti-counterfeiting products, educate consumers to identify, and avoid confusion by counterfeit signs. The anti-counterfeiting label comes from the optimization and upgrading of the anti-counterfeiting function of the traditional two-dimensional code, pays attention to the user experience, and makes the anti-counterfeiting mark inquiry fast and convenient. There is no anti-counterfeiting technology once and for all. The cost of counterfeit anti-counterfeiting technology products that we must constantly update increases, thus achieving product anti-counterfeiting and product anti-counterfeiting is a long-term and social important task. In order to prevent counterfeiting and protect the legitimate rights and interests of consumers, the products of regular manufacturers will be marked with anti-counterfeiting marks. To make anti-counterfeiting marks, the business license and various qualification certificates of regular manufacturers are necessary.
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