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Anti-counterfeiting labels are anti-counterfeiting products customized according to customer needs. Nowadays, with the development of the market, there are more and more fakes, many products

by:LG Printing     2020-02-20
First, the principle of anti-counterfeiting labels, set up a unique code for each network-connected product, and store this code in the base database, together with the establishment of a telephone (Mobile phone or network)Query to distinguish networks. Consumers who purchase products with digital anti-counterfeiting markers can know the authenticity of the products by simply making a phone call, going to the Internet or sending a short message and inputting the code on the products, then it breaks through the limitations of traditional anti-counterfeiting products that are simply mass-protected and difficult for consumers to identify. Second, anti-counterfeiting label Technology 1, laser holography skills, through laser plate making, the impression is made on the thermoplastic film, and colorful diffraction occurs, so that the image has a three-dimensional space sense, it is a widely used anti-counterfeiting skill today. Nowadays, China has launched new holographic anti-counterfeiting skills such as 2D and 3D true color molded holography, pixel holography, and optical code holography. 2. Fluorescent data, which show light color or white under sunlight and bright color under ultraviolet light, can be used in a variety of anti-counterfeiting skills. Its high fluorescence intensity and good printing adaptability. 3. Watermark paper, which uses online molding skills in the manufacturing process, produces watermark pictures with various special symbols and shows watermark pictures under normal reverse illumination. Watermark paper is widely used in anti-counterfeiting printing of money and silver, securities and certificates. 4. Anti-counterfeiting ink is a special ink processed by special skills when participating in special function Anti-Counterfeiting data in ink connection guess. At present, the products include: fluorescent ink, magnetic ink, anti-smear ink, photosensitive ink, thermal ink, etc. In 100 yuan, ultraviolet fluorescent ink was used. Thermal ink is used in thermal reaction SK temperature control anti-counterfeiting symbol. When in use, the symbol is slightly heated, the anti-counterfeiting color fades, and the manufacturer's anti-counterfeiting symbol is displayed. After cooling down, the anti-counterfeiting color is restored, and the anti-counterfeiting symbol is covered from the beginning. 5, safety line skills, in the process of papermaking will be a metal wire or plastic wire placed in the center of the paper, the method can be so micro letters, fluorescence, etc. Its shape is straight, wavy, zigzag, etc. China's RMB paper is a straight-line safety line. 6. Double-sided temporary printing skills, through special printing skills, make the front and back of a certain part of the securities completely conform to the same picture. This skill requires high precision in plate making and printing. 7. Bar code skills. Bar codes include metal bar codes and hidden bar codes. Metal bar code is a high-tech product that integrates coding skills, computer skills, laser skills and confidential anti-counterfeiting skills. Special identification instruments are required to distinguish. Hidden bar code is to add some hidden notes when making bar code plates. 8, code anti-counterfeiting label skills, after setting a code on each product, all product codes are recorded in the anti-counterfeiting, heart database. Consumers only need to use the phone, go to the computer or other things that can be connected to the fake network. The product code input can be used for anti-counterfeiting verification to distinguish the authenticity of the product. Because the secret code of this skill is randomly generated by the computer and recorded immediately after inquiry, it cannot be counterfeited and has relatively low cost. It was a useful anti-counterfeiting technology at that time, china mobile phone mobile phone and other network access cards have chosen this kind of code anti-counterfeiting skills. In all kinds of product labels encountered in our daily life, the design of anti-counterfeiting labels is different, but they all have common effects, anti-counterfeiting label designers will customize according to product characteristics and company needs. Therefore, no matter what, as consumers, we not only need to ensure the safety of our products, but also save our purchase costs and try our best to maximize the benefits of the enterprise. ? Keywords: traceability system, anti-smuggling system, block chain, anti-counterfeiting block chain traceability, Shanghai ICP No. 12008469-4
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