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Anti-counterfeiting label refers to the object appendages that can be pasted, printed and transferred on the surface of the label subject matter or the packaging of the label subject matter, and the label (Rushang

by:LG Printing     2020-01-19
1. Anti-uncovering sealing, a kind of base material is used as a plastic film to expose the type of self-adhesive anti-counterfeiting seal, and the colored non-adhesive plastic strip is lifted before lifting; After being lifted, colored handwriting can be seen on the paper, and obvious colorless handwriting can be seen on the plastic strip, which has the characteristics of loss and loss, it is mostly used in anti-counterfeiting envelopes, electrical appliance warranty labels and other fields. 2. fragile paper labels, using special fragile paper or fragile self-adhesive materials, can be printed with trademarks, text descriptions and bar codes. After being pasted on the package, they cannot be completely lifted. Once lifted, the paper will be broken. 3. Comprehensive anti-counterfeiting and anti-uncovering indentation paper labels the self-adhesive paper labels made by combining various anti-counterfeiting technologies can strengthen the anti-counterfeiting function. In order to prevent the label from being lifted, replaced and reused, die-cutting indentation technology can be used to carry out anti-stripping treatment on the label part, which cannot be recovered after being lifted. 4. Bar code technical labels, there are many types of bar codes currently used, and anti-counterfeiting bar codes mainly include one-dimensional bar codes and two-dimensional bar codes. Bar code technology can not only promote better and faster application, but also achieve the purpose of preventing famous and excellent commodities from being counterfeited and protecting the interests of consumers. 5. Laser holographic image label. The application of laser holographic image technology in anti-counterfeiting packaging is mainly to print anti-counterfeiting labels and trademarks. The factors that affect the anti-counterfeiting performance of laser holographic labels are the type and location of labels. 6. Before the font anti-counterfeiting polyester film label is lifted, it is aluminum foil without word stickers. After the lifting, there is obvious color writing on the label paper and packaging materials. 7. The transparent PVC font anti-uncovering universal label is a white non-word self-adhesive film label before being lifted, and there are obvious colored handwriting on the label and packaging materials after being lifted. 8. transparent PVC anti-counterfeiting label, a transparent laser holographic film with personalized information on self-adhesive labels or other documents, does not affect the overall design and original effect, and adds anti-counterfeiting function, make the label personalized. 9. Foam film label is a unique semi-gloss white film composed of two layers of polystyrene film. The surface layer is a transparent film suitable for printing; The lower layer is a white foam film treated by puffing. Use permanent acrylic adhesive. It has a good safety and anti-counterfeiting effect. When the label is attached to the substrate and then lifted, the two layers of film are separated, the label is torn, and the residue of the foam layer is left on the package, it is difficult to remove. It is suitable for use in humid environment, especially in the production and packaging process of beverages, dairy products and other products, and has extraordinary practical value. Suitable for safety labels for glass, PVC, polystyrene bottles and glazing cartons. 10. The Paper-based partial uncovering label, the label substrate is coated paper (Special Paper can also be used), With intaglio, relief and offset printing. Just uncover the upper part, and the bottom layer will have data for consumers to enter and query. The label cannot be reused. When used as a seal, it is firmly adhered and not easy to fall off. 11. The rule-exposed composite anti-counterfeiting label is a self-adhesive anti-counterfeiting label. When in use, the label is directly attached to the product; When identifying, the label will be uncovered, and a pre-designed invisible graphic image will be left on the package; The label that is removed has an invisible graphic image. Materials such as holographic film, coated paper and plastic film can be used as surface materials.
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