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Anti-counterfeiting label

by:LG Printing     2020-03-17
A comprehensive anti-counterfeiting technology with international level that uses high-tech technologies such as computers, network communications, information coding and high-tech printing to achieve anti-counterfeiting. The anti-counterfeiting principle of the supervision code sets a code for each product that enters the network, and stores this code in the database of the national anti-counterfeiting center, and establishes a query network throughout the country. When a consumer purchases a product with an anti-counterfeiting mark, he only needs to check it for free and enter the code on the product to know the authenticity of the product and related information, therefore, it breaks through the limitations of traditional anti-counterfeiting products that are easy to be counterfeited in batches and difficult for consumers to identify. Second, the characteristics of the supervision code anti-counterfeiting technology, the technology can not be forged: The Data anti-counterfeiting marker condenses a number of high-tech means, with a unique anti-counterfeiting mechanism, even if the forgery has mastered the anti-counterfeiting logo, however, it is impossible to forge the correct anti-counterfeiting supervision code corresponding to the genuine, and it is impossible to store the forged supervision code information in the national central database. Therefore, mass fraud has been fundamentally eliminated. Anti-counterfeiting label 1. Special identification: any data anti-counterfeiting label is special, that is, an anti-counterfeiting supervision code only corresponds to a commodity in a sales package. 2. One-time use of supervision codes: each set of anti-counterfeiting supervision codes is encrypted and generated by the data software system, and then generated (Printing) In the anti-counterfeiting marker, only the destructive scrape off the coating or uncover the marker can see the supervision code. When the supervision code is queried for the first time, the central database will automatically record the query time, times and query number, and automatically eliminate the supervision code file of the product, thereby eliminating the possibility of repeated use of anti-counterfeiting supervision codes. 3. Confidentiality of supervision code: the anti-counterfeiting supervision code hidden in each anti-counterfeiting identification is composed of product sequence code and random supervision code, and the product sequence code contains the enterprise code, product code and product serial number, random supervision codes corresponding to sequential codes are automatically generated by computer information codes and cannot be predicted and controlled in advance. All anti-counterfeiting supervision codes are stored in the central database and are hidden and cannot be queried, so they have absolute confidentiality effect. 4. Simplicity of identification: Consumers can input the supervision code on the logo whenever and wherever they are, and the computer system will automatically identify them to obtain relevant information such as the manufacturer of the product, the authenticity of the product, etc, the identification process takes only a few tens of seconds to 1 minute. 5. Low cost: the network-connected enterprises do not have to change the anti-counterfeiting method because the products are counterfeited in batches, thus saving a lot of packaging and advertising costs. Secondly, the main form of anti-counterfeiting technology for supervision codes is a string of encrypted data symbols, and enterprises only need to affix anti-counterfeiting marks ( Or spray printing on the product carrier package in non-linear form online) The production is relatively simple, and the anti-counterfeiting cost is significantly lower than other anti-counterfeiting measures. 6. Extension of functions: enterprises defend the market and reputation, and the application of supervision codes and anti-counterfeiting marks is equivalent to mobilizing consumers to participate in group defense and group governance. Popular technology that everyone can implement--- Dialing free authenticity checks means that the company itself has established a national anti-counterfeiting and anti-counterfeiting network. Once the fake goods are listed, they will be discovered and automatically recorded by the computer terminal. Manufacturers can inquire about the time, quantity and distribution of fake products at any time. In addition, it also has Auxiliary functions such as suggestion box, sales statistics, voice advertisement and promotion advertisement, which is convenient for enterprises to understand market dynamics and actively participate in market competition. This is the unique advantage of anti-counterfeiting technology of supervision code data. Compared with common anti-counterfeiting technology, the service of supervision code anti-counterfeiting technology to enterprises lies not only in providing anti-counterfeiting markers for enterprises, but also in * services after enterprises use markers, including inquiry, identification, consultation and answer, cross-shipment monitoring and management, tracking of fake goods and statistical analysis, etc.
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