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Anti-counterfeiting is the confirmation of every item. Many companies put anti-counterfeiting labels on their own products to prevent counterfeiting and imitation

by:LG Printing     2020-03-04
1. Advantages of self-adhesive anti-counterfeiting labels: 1. Environmental protection PP self-adhesive material raw material source and the whole process of production and manufacturing is not easy to lead to the change and destruction of the natural environment, pp self-adhesive material can be acquired 20% 150 after application, even if incineration treatment, because its plastic plate only contains carbon and oxygen, it is not easy to cause harmful gases. Replacing paper with plastic and replacing wood with plastic. The raw materials of self-adhesive materials do not need wood and natural fiber materials, which can save a lot of natural resources and reduce air pollution; 2. Economic development calcium bicarbonate mineral supplement, net weight ratio reached 20% 65, can effectively reduce the cost of plastic, and recycling, calcium bicarbonate use value is cheap and stable; 3. The process performance is good, and the production and processing methods such as cutting, die-cutting, embossing, bronzing, rotating holes, sewing, stretching, gluing, etc. can be selected; 4. The proportion is light (The relative density is usually lower than 0. 7g/cm3)Good rigidity; 5. Very durable, high compressive strength, stab-resistant, tear-resistant (Especially when it is horizontal), Wear resistance, strong flexibility; 6. Can contain natural chemical fiber, 20% 150 moisture-proof, anti-chemical products and anti-plant oil; 7. The fineness and unclarity of paper type can exceed 20% 95, with strong concealability and good reliability of ultraviolet light; 8. The surface layer is smooth, the specifications are stable, the packaging and printing characteristics are of high quality, and the packaging and printing adaptability is strong. Lithographic, relief, intaglio, offset plate, wire mesh and flexo plate can be selected (Aniline) Such as packaging and printing methods and organic solvent printing ink, can also be written immediately with signature pens and ballpoint refills; 9. Can replace composite paper products such as composite, aluminum spraying, and film coating; 10. Can allow immediate touch with food; 11. Long shelf life, insect prevention and corrosion prevention. Self-adhesive materials are usually used to make high-quality labels, such as skin care products, daily necessities and promotional labels, and some self-adhesive materials are suitable for wet tissue labels. Now everyone knows all the advantages of anti-counterfeiting labels made of self-adhesive materials. Self-adhesive anti-counterfeiting label is a kind of commonly used anti-counterfeiting product made of self-adhesive material and anti-counterfeiting system. They are also called self-adhesive anti-counterfeiting labels or self-adhesive anti-counterfeiting trademarks. In some industries, they are also called self-adhesive anti-counterfeiting certificates or anti-counterfeiting certificates. Self-adhesive anti-counterfeiting labels are made of self-adhesive materials. When making labels, self-adhesive labels are printed, coded, coated, scraped, die-cut and other processes. Later, it became our commonly used anti-counterfeiting label.
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