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Anti-counterfeiting experts tell you the characteristics of paper positioning and anti-counterfeiting labels

by:LG Printing     2021-03-09
In the past two years, as various products are facing the problem of counterfeiting, anti-counterfeiting has become a hot topic in many industries. Counterfeit products not only cause loss and health damage to consumers, but also damage the reputation of the company's products and cause serious economic losses. So far, there are many anti-counterfeiting companies in China. In terms of principles and methods, there are also a large number of strange soldiers. Among them, there are many well-designed and highly reliable solutions. But the actual application effect is quite different.

  一. What is positioning and anti-counterfeiting label

  1. Introduction: The positioning of anti-counterfeit trademarks uses electric eyes to locate the position of the hot stamping pattern, which has higher technical difficulty and anti-counterfeiting efficiency than ordinary full-page hot stamping.

  2. Shape: It can be a regular circle, ellipse, square, rectangle and other special shapes (can be made according to customer requirements)

  3. Color: Common colors: gold, silver, red, blue, green, black, etc., can be customized according to customer needs!

  4. Material: Common colors: gold, silver, red, blue, green, black, etc. can be customized according to customer needs!

  二. Features

  The feature of the holographic positioning and hot anti-counterfeiting label is that it includes an aircraft carrier film, a peeling layer, a transmission layer, aluminized layer and an adhesive layer. The transmission layer provides at least two stacked pattern layers, and two adjacent The layers of the layer pattern are connected by holographic positioning and piping hot.

  3. Holographic hot stamping label, film storage requirements

   1. Avoid sunlight, avoid humidity, sun, high temperature, and ultra-low temperature.

  2. Do not mix with flammable and explosive dangerous goods.

  3. The storage environment should be ventilated and dry, and the temperature should be between -5℃ and 40℃.

  The advantages of shipping

   1. It has the machine-readable characteristics of a magnetic stripe. Consumers can use this material to reduce production costs because counterfeiting in these two areas has increased. The gifts can be exchanged for expensive high-end products for counterfeiting.

  2. It is widely used. Through the front page of the passport, you can identify the complex pattern signs determined by the government. Enhance the anti-counterfeiting effect of the cover, enhance the anti-counterfeiting performance of UV dark version and document anti-counterfeiting function,

  3. In actual operation, it is also necessary to emboss during stamping and combine with the product, which is easy to identify and not easy to copy. Some manufacturers also combine reflection characteristics with convex effects. The trademark pattern is beautiful and clear, and has strong abrasion and weather resistance. In cigarette label printing, stamping technology accounts for more than 85 percent. In graphic design, especially the bronzing of trademarks and registered names can play a finishing touch and highlight the design theme. This effect is even more pronounced. The hot stamping process is directly used on the packaging box to increase the beauty of the packaging box. Bronzing anti-counterfeiting packaging is becoming more and more popular. Among them, the advantages of holographic magnetic anti-counterfeiting images are currently mainly reflected in special tickets, while the reverse anti-counterfeiting of retail gift certificates is very popular.

   Its label is easy to identify and not easy to copy. At present, it is divided into independent pattern, holographic hot stamping anti-counterfeiting and continuous pattern holographic label hot stamping. The holographic positioning hot stamping technology can not only increase the anti-counterfeiting function of the packaging, but also improve the decorative effect of the packaging. It is a popular anti-counterfeiting technology in the world. Positioning hot stamping technology has high requirements on equipment, process and raw materials. Compared with general bronzing equipment, bronzing machines used for positioning and stamping should have the characteristics of fast speed and high positioning accuracy.

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