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Anti-counterfeit label small science

by:LG Printing     2021-04-01
In the current situation where genuine and fake goods are flying in the sky, a small anti-counterfeiting label can solve this situation of mixed sales of genuine and fake products, you can believe it! How did it do it? Why can an anti-counterfeiting label discourage counterfeiters? Let's take a look at the small science popularization of anti-counterfeiting labels that our Shangyuan brings to you!

   First of all, anti-counterfeiting labels are adaptable. The ability of anti-counterfeiting technology products' anti-counterfeiting identification features to adapt to the use requirements of the subject matter or service object. Digital anti-counterfeiting labels are simple to use and suitable for various products.

   Anti-counterfeiting labels can be applied to various products, such as cosmetics, health products, medicines, electronic appliances, alcohol, tea, daily necessities, fast-moving beverages, clothing tags and other industries. It can be said that almost every product will Anti-counterfeiting labels are used, so it has very general applicability.

   This is why we can encounter different anti-counterfeiting labels on various products.

  Secondly, anti-counterfeiting labels have a certain degree of stability. Under normal conditions of use, anti-counterfeiting labels have excellent stability, such as fluorescent inks and temperature-changing oil stars, which have a decay period. The recognition performance of digital anti-counterfeiting labels has no timeliness. The anti-counterfeiting features on it can exist for a long time and are stable and cannot disappear, so that consumers can confirm and distinguish in the entire sales and use process of the product, which satisfies the circulation and use cycle of the product.

   Third, the identity feature of the anti-counterfeiting label is one thing and one code.

  1. Timeliness of anti-counterfeiting. Each number will be recorded by the system every time the system is authenticated, including the time, the phone number of the authentication, and so on. According to the number of times a product’s anti-counterfeiting number has been queried and the source of the query number, the authenticity of the product can be judged, the area where the counterfeit product is located can be judged, and accurate clues can be provided in time to notify law enforcement agencies, and counterfeiters can be accurately and timely combated. .

  2. Consumers are easy to identify and inquire. Consumers do not need to learn special identification skills. They only need to scan barcodes through mobile phones, send short messages, and inquire about the authenticity of goods, which is very convenient.

  3. The uniformity of management. This anti-counterfeiting marker can be used on any kind of goods. The nationwide telephone network can be used to establish a nationwide anti-counterfeiting and anti-counterfeiting network for monitoring and unified management at any time.

  4. The one-time use of each anti-counterfeiting mark of the product, under normal circumstances, can only be used once. Once used, the anti-counterfeiting marker can be obviously destroyed by scraping off the coating or peeling off the surface layer, which is different from other unused anti-counterfeiting markers. Authorized special products or valuables can be processed through the technology of the system service center. After the first query, the legal owner can have multiple queries. This expands the scope of use of anti-counterfeiting marks.

  5. The uniqueness system gives each product a unique anti-counterfeiting code and marks it on the product or packaging, so that it can be the same as an ID card, which is unique and cannot be copied.

   Finally, the anti-counterfeiting strength of anti-counterfeiting labels is also very important. Anti-counterfeiting labels play a strong role in identifying the authenticity and avoiding the durability and reliability of counterfeiters. Anti-counterfeiting strength consists of four elements: the number of anti-counterfeiting identification features, the number of exclusive anti-counterfeiting technologies, the difficulty of copying, and the cost of copying. A true anti-counterfeiting label must also have these four elements.

   These several major factors have put a lot of pressure on counterfeiters in counterfeiting, making their profits greatly reduced, and many counterfeiters have chosen to give up. So this is why a small label has such a big effect.

  Shanghai Shangyuan is here to remind you: you must pay attention to genuine anti-counterfeiting labels when you buy things!
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