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Anti-counterfeit label is how to identify true bogus function

by:LG Printing     2021-02-01

for the public is usually heard anti-counterfeiting tag is used to identify true bogus, but they do not know the principle and function. Then such a small tag is how to implement this technology? So today ShangYuan anti-counterfeiting can to take everybody know the anti-counterfeit label for the original is like this.

to crack down on fake goods, first of all, the fake goods is how to? Why fake goods less abroad, domestic fake goods? It involves people's consciousness, it has a certain relationship with the whole situation. The direct reason is lack of consciousness of copyright. A few years ago, piracy can be seen everywhere, using pirated won't attack. Everyone's habit, which makes the brand is beginning to set up a positive image, now still didn't get the recognition of the public. What is more, those who use pirate used to mock, cry, piracy is innocent, piracy is reasonable. In the past few years, they are on the Internet. Many of these events has occurred. Those who sell genuine software and buy genuine software by those who scolded by the people using pirated software for free. Therefore, is so rampant piracy and counterfeit products, because there is no copyright consciousness. < br />

the second is the interest problem. Lack of copyright consciousness is a universal problem, but still fundamental interests. If the fraud cannot profit, then nobody will profit. Fake goods less abroad, domestic fake goods more reason for that? Foreign copyright consciousness, of course, is very high, so few people, but the important thing is that fraud cost higher than the cost, counterfeiting unprofitable, so there is very little fake. But it is not at all. Some poor countries in southeast Asia, there are fake. < br />

cheap labor in our country is numerous, some fake goods is family to participate in their own land, its own manpower, greatly reduces the production cost. The use of the old machine, plus cheap industrial raw material, is basically a counterfeiting industry chain, thus low cost make fake emerge in endlessly, unable to completely cut off. < br />

the counterfeiters only pursuit of interests, not the pursuit of quality, as long as the start from the weak link, nature can break bones and muscles. Anti-counterfeiting labels is one such weaknesses to crack down on fake goods. This is how to operate? < br />

in order to benefit from fakes, consumers still need to pay for the goods. No one will be for people to buy the production of goods not fake, so the worst-hit areas of brand manufacturers are fakes. Of course, now carries an anti-counterfeit label for the brand enterprise will have their own custom and it proves that the effect of the anti-counterfeiting labels from the front. < br />

brand goods have anti-counterfeit labels, so fake nature is needed. Fake goods without anti-counterfeit labels, is to tell the world I was false. Then nobody will buy, so fake goods have anti-counterfeit labels. The anti-fake label is how to? For those who did not enter the mainstream printing plant, let them copy anti-counterfeiting labels. Triple anti-counterfeiting printing only the orders, avoided qualifications. They are fake. Companies want to build a brand, you should avoid these triple anti-counterfeiting printing. < br />

check anti-counterfeiting is using the phone messages before, but now is basic cell phone WeChat, because qr code anti-counterfeiting tag technology further, all brand check security are now through WeChat number, the public and WeChat is a certified public, is an enterprise portal, fake no qualification, is unable to apply to the regular size WeChat public, so even if false label, didn't also the way of effective query, even in public, don't go, even with normal anti-counterfeiting code, but now has a yard, bulk copy a qr code data, but can only have a valid query, produce more fake also of no help, it is easy to distinguish true and false. < br />

in order to make the fake goods as close as possible to the real thing, sell more fakes, counterfeiters need to register a fake company, qualify as fakes, apply for a fake public, develop a fake inquiry system, to apply for a fake inquiry telephone system, and making a batch of counterfeit an anti-counterfeit label for the yard. Although all is false, but need to get through normal channels. This pile of fake goods together. Set up a new company and new products. Does it make sense to produce fake goods? This is the cost. Increased fraud cost carries an anti-counterfeit label for the custom. If you don't do it, so fake goods are easy to identify. Few people know they are fake and purchase. Once the sales volume is broken, who will do?

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