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Analyze what are the types of temperature-change anti-counterfeiting labels

by:LG Printing     2021-04-04
There are many types of anti-counterfeiting labels, and their anti-counterfeiting performance is high and low. Different anti-counterfeiting labels not only have different appearances, but also different verification methods. Take the QR code anti-counterfeiting label and temperature change. Compare the anti-counterfeiting labels. The verification of the two-dimensional code anti-counterfeiting label is to know the authenticity of the product by scanning it, but the temperature change label is the same as its name. It can only be detected at a certain temperature. You can use a lighter to bake it. , The text will appear, which adds a lot of fun compared to the QR code.

   Briefly introduce what is a temperature change anti-counterfeiting label: a temperature change anti-counterfeiting label is a kind of anti-counterfeiting label made with the help of temperature change ink. It can change the color rapidly with the change of the ambient temperature, so that the colored object has a dynamic color effect. The high temperature color change anti-counterfeiting label displays a specific color or colorless at room temperature, and it changes color according to the high and low temperature changes. Now the anti-counterfeiting technology continues to improve, and various types of anti-counterfeiting labels appear on the market. The high-temperature color-change anti-counterfeiting label that changes with temperature is an anti-counterfeiting label with a wide range of applications.

   First of all, the types of temperature-change anti-counterfeiting labels are as follows:

  1. Irreversible type: Thermal ink has two types: color development and color change. The appearance of color-developing irreversible thermal ink is colorless, and the color will appear after being heated, and the color will no longer return to colorless after cooling; the original color of the color-changing irreversible ink will change from one color to another after being heated, and the color will not recover after cooling down primary color.

  2. Reversible type: The reversible type of high-temperature discoloration anti-counterfeiting labels has three types: color development, decolorization and color change. Color rendering is reversible for appearance colorless, after heating, the color will appear, after cooling down, the color will disappear and return to colorless; achromatic reversible means that the original color will disappear after heating, and the original color will be restored after cooling; the reversible type of discoloration will be the original color It changes to another color after being heated, and the original color can be restored after cooling; the color can be changed quickly with the change of ambient temperature, so that the colored object has a dynamic color effect.

  Secondly, the use of temperature-change anti-counterfeiting labels includes the following:

  1. The temperature-change anti-counterfeiting label is printed by special ink, and its color change principle is that when the outside temperature reaches a certain temperature range, the internal chemical structure of the ink changes, so that the high temperature becomes the anti-counterfeiting label Shows different colors. The identification method can be to touch the logo with your hand or forehead or breathe lightly, or use high temperature heating, the high temperature color change anti-counterfeiting label pattern will change, so that the user can immediately identify the authenticity of the purchased product.

  2. The color will no longer return to colorless after cooling down; the original color of the irreversible thermosensitive ink will change to another color after being heated, and will not return to the original color after cooling down. Suitable for printing methods such as glue, silk, concave, and flexible. Compared with offset printing, silk screen printing has a better effect, and offset printing is relatively lighter in color. The temperature and color of the above thermal ink can be set and produced according to the specific requirements of customers. The more common temperature ranges are 30°C and 50°C.

The birth of    temperature-change anti-counterfeiting label is just like the special treatment used in TV dramas in ancient times when important information needs to be conveyed. Its anti-counterfeiting effect is also obvious, and it will be much higher than the same type of anti-counterfeiting label. Then, you may have concerns, and you may say whether the scope of use will be very limited. In fact, it will not. Its scope of use is not at all. Not inferior to other anti-counterfeiting labels, such as clothing, footwear, health products, food, auto parts, medicine, electrical appliances, audio-visual products, digital products and other industries, is it widely used, and it adds interactivity while preventing counterfeiting.

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