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Analyze the functions and advantages of the QR code anti-counterfeiting system

by:LG Printing     2021-03-11
With the continuous use of QR codes, it has brought a lot of convenience to our daily lives; QR codes are not only used for payment, but also widely used in the anti-counterfeiting industry, and QR code anti-counterfeiting labels and The QR code anti-counterfeiting system is favored by many businesses and businesses; you should know more about the QR code label than the QR code system. Here I will introduce you to the functions and advantages of the QR code anti-counterfeiting system.

   1. The function of the QR code anti-counterfeiting system:

  1. Information storage: The QR code uses cloud computing technology to encrypt the stored information to generate a QR code, and the information in the QR code can only be seen under specified conditions.

  2. Independent storage: The QR code can be generated independently for each product, and the information in the QR code must be consistent with the product information, and it will become invalid after verification once, which guarantees its non-reproducibility, or, correctly, it guarantees its Even if it is copied, there is no copy invalidation information.

  3. Anti-fleeing goods: The nature of the anti-counterfeiting traceability of the QR code determines its anti-fleeing performance. The two-dimensional code can record its production information, storage information, and logistics information for each single product, and pass professional two The dimensional code reading equipment recognizes the record, and can realize the function of recording and reading information during the scanning process, which effectively reduces the occurrence of product mis-issuing and omissions.

   2. Advantages of QR code anti-counterfeiting system:

  1. Product anti-counterfeiting inquiry: When consumers purchase a product, they can check the authenticity of the product by directly scanning the QR code anti-counterfeiting label on the product, which is simple, fast and effective, and improves the scanning rate of the product. At the same time, the products of traditional enterprises can be connected with the mobile Internet.

  2. Member points management: Consumers can directly jump to the company’s WeChat official account or points mall by scanning the QR code anti-counterfeiting label on the product, and guide consumers to register as a member. After checking the authenticity of the product The corresponding points can be obtained directly, and the points can be directly consumed in the company's point mall to purchase products, which greatly increases the stickiness of consumers.

  3. Sending red envelopes: Now wechat sending red envelopes has become a favorite activity of many consumers. According to consumers’ preferences, companies develop various red envelope marketing games, communicate with consumers without distance, and enhance Consumer stickiness.

  4. Product distribution management: It is a choice made by many companies to summarize the current situation through the WeChat business, but how to gain the trust of consumers and how to strengthen the management of their own products is something that many companies cannot handle today. QR code Anti-counterfeiting labels not only deal with these problems, but also provide the company with a distribution system, which is a necessary weapon for entering the micro-business market.

  5. Product quality traceability: Product quality traceability can allow consumers to buy products with confidence, and the production process of the product is transparent, allowing consumers to buy and use with peace of mind. The QR code anti-counterfeiting system makes company management more transparent, dealer management more standardized, and product management more refined.

   Two-dimensional code anti-counterfeiting system helps companies increase the management and control of distributors, and provides a solid guarantee for brand image and product operation. If you want to know more about the QR code anti-counterfeiting system, welcome to consult us. We are a high-tech enterprise with many years of anti-counterfeiting experience and will bring you a one-stop anti-counterfeiting solution.

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