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Analysis of printing and production of anti-counterfeit labels on rolls

by:LG Printing     2021-04-15

   The anti-counterfeiting labels commonly seen in the market are flat labels, that is, flat labels are usually printed on A4 paper or other size backing paper. Today, I will introduce you to the issue of roll anti-counterfeiting label printing.

   Roll label, as the name implies, the label is made into a roll form (or called a reel label). For labels, we must often see labels when they are printed, and some companies will require them to be made into rolls for anti-counterfeiting Labels, so what are the requirements in the production of roll anti-counterfeiting labels? Let's take a look with our questions!

   First of all, our manuscript is clear, why do we need to print roll labels? This is because of two aspects, one is the large amount of printing, and the manual pasting is out of time. The second is because of the need for automatic labeling, or off automatic labeling. Therefore, the various parameters of the volume label are very strict, and are closely related to its subsequent application environment.

   1. Requirements for making roll anti-counterfeiting labels:

  1. The surface material of the roll anti-counterfeiting label.

   The hardness of the label is the key to the label, so a certain strength and hardness of the surface material is required. Shangyuan Anti-counterfeiting Company said: the hardness of the label is related to the thickness of the material and the area of u200bu200bthe label, so a soft film is used When the material is used, the thickness should be appropriately increased, generally controlled above 100μm. Thin paper materials, such as 60~70g/m2 labeling paper, are generally not suitable for making labels that are too large, but are suitable for processing into small labels, such as price tags used on price tags and anti-lifting and anti-transfer labels. The poor stiffness of the label will cause the label not to be issued during labeling, or the label will be rewinded with the backing paper, which will invalidate the automatic labeling. This will cause a big problem.

  2, the peeling force of the roll anti-counterfeiting label.

The peeling force of a roll label is the force when the label is separated from the backing paper. The release force is related to the type and thickness of the adhesive and the silicon coating on the surface of the backing paper, as well as the ambient temperature during labeling. Shangyuan anti-counterfeiting reminder: If the release force is too small, the label is easy to fall off (detach from the bottom paper) during the conveying process; if the release force is too large, it is difficult for the label to detach from the bottom paper, and the label cannot be released.

   Various technical indicators should be comprehensively controlled to keep the release force within a reasonable range. This is also one of the reasons why the cost of the roll label is slightly higher under the same circumstances.

  3, roll anti-counterfeiting label paper.

   This is also an important indicator for controlling automatic labeling. It is required that the surface of the bottom paper is coated with silicon uniformly and has the same release force; uniform thickness and good tensile strength to ensure that it does not break when labeling; uniform thickness and good light transmittance to ensure that the sensor correctly recognizes the position of the label.

  4. The quality of the roll anti-counterfeiting label.

   requires both sides of the bottom paper to be flat and free of breaks after slitting to avoid the bottom paper from breaking when the tension changes. When die-cutting, avoid cutting through the bottom paper or destroying the silicon-coated layer. If the bottom paper and silicon-coated layer are damaged, the bottom paper will break easily or the adhesive in the label will penetrate the bottom paper, and the bottom paper will not be out of the label and the bottom paper will be torn. .

   In addition, the static electricity in the roll paper label should be removed before labeling, because static electricity will cause the label not to be displayed or inaccurate when labeling.

   The above is the answer to the roll anti-counterfeiting label. I see that the roll anti-counterfeiting label has strict requirements on the quality, material and peeling degree of the label. We usually make roll anti-counterfeiting labels At that time, Shangyuan Company must pay attention to these aspects. If you want to make roll anti-counterfeiting labels, please call us at 13661946315 for consultation.

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