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Analyses the stickers viscosity

by:LG Printing     2021-01-28

we usually go to measure the stickers at the beginning of the viscous force, viscous force and the stripping force to test stickers paste effect, effect evaluation and stickers product quality, so we should how to measure the stickers of viscosity is measured by the together with you now.

1。 For viscous fluid at the beginning, we often use ball method to measure, will use standard steel ball in a prepared ahead of time will gum up fixed slope, and then let the ball down from above, can stick to the steel ball, the greater the instructions at the beginning of viscous force is larger.

2。 Second stickers can be measured with viscous force, can use stickers will have linked two standard steel glue, a head of 2 kg weight, and then a steel plate in the fixed frame, look down at the steel plate after how long still don't fall down, as to the duration of the calculation.

3。 We finally to measure the stripping force, stickers, stickers to stick to the standards on the steel plate, with instrument has constant speed stickers off, the instruments used by force is adhesive peel force.

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