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Aluminum foil self-adhesive label printing problems should be paid attention to

by:LG Printing     2021-01-20

as well as metal and plastic surface due to the aluminum foil. Only way to dry ink oxidation and polymerization, volatilization, conjunctiva, curing, no penetration process. So the aluminum foil paper self-adhesive label printing ink don't need to be paid attention to and adhesion. Aluminum foil paper material is paper and aluminum foil composite materials, aluminum foil paper generally has a surface coating, there is no ink fastness problems, thus solve the problem of dry ink is the key to the aluminum foil printing.

in order to achieve better printing effect, according to the characteristics of the aluminum foil paper, printed graphic on the design can give priority to with simple text, symbols, fully shows the characteristics of the metal color, instead of metal signs, more applied in household appliances, daily necessities, etc. Second, can use the field printing or spiral printing area, instead of a large area hot stamping process.

aluminum foil general printing method is divided into two kinds of web and sheet-fed printing method.

web is given priority to with letterpress printing. Simple design and manual mark labels, can adopt the method of cutting sheet, shelves to dry ink drying problem. Large area design and requirements automatically mark labels, printing ink should be used. In the absence of drying, generally USES the effect of the method to solve the problem of the dry the ink.

sheet-fed printing with offset printing is given priority to, suitable for large area, screen printing. Due to continuous printing sheet-fed, dry ink is undeserved, cause a lot of quality problems, in order to ensure the normal printing and quality, to use aluminum foil special ink, add desiccant in ink, increased ink drying speed. Add a moderate amount of alcohol to the education version liquid, in order to reduce water and ink emulsification, prevent smearing. Grasp the amount of paper stacked at the same time, on dry, avoid adhesion paper weight is too large. Appropriate and keep a printing shop production

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