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Although propolis is pleasant, don't covet Xiaohui. Anti-counterfeiting knowledge

by:LG Printing     2021-03-12

   The spring breeze is too busy to grow, and I grow up with lace willows for laymen. Make honey with swallows as mud bees, and then it will be sunny and light rain. Propolis is a health product that every household in China will prepare. In order to facilitate the storage and consumption of consumers, most of the capsules on the market nowadays. So how to distinguish the authenticity of the various propolis capsules on the market today?

   1. Pick a bee soft capsule at random and observe its appearance. The appearance is neat and tidy, without adhesion, deformation, cracking, and no peculiar smell. Those that do not meet the upper and lower requirements are considered unqualified. The shell should be hard and soft, and the soft propolis capsule should be cut open with scissors, and smell the contents of the propolis capsule to see if it has a unique fragrance. If the propolis capsule has no special fragrance, it will be eliminated.

  2. Take a piece of cleaned plastic paper, scrape it flat on the test bench, choose a soft propolis capsule, cut the capsule, squeeze out the content, and drop it on the plastic paper. If solutes and solvents are extracted and the hands are uneven, they will be eliminated.

  3. Clean up, put in a certain amount of cold water, squeeze the similar ingredients in the oil-soluble propolis soft capsule into a water-containing test tube, mix it with laminated glass camphor, and soak. If you hang it on the wall, it means that the professional configuration of similar content is unqualified.

   4. Take a part of the solution and add 1-2 drops of 3% ferric chloride (iron food industry) ethanol solution. If there is no dark red, it means that it contains flavonoids and should be upgraded; if it appears dark red or dark red, it means that it contains flavonoids and phenols.

   5. If you compare the water content of the propolis soft capsules from different manufacturers and the propolis soft capsules from different manufacturers, take a propolis soft capsule of the same model and specification and squeeze it into a ruler with the same amount of cold water as a test tube Baby, mixed with laminated glass. Camphor, respectively sealed to the same volume, and then dropped into the same amount of ferric chloride ethanol solution for comparison, the propolis capsules have a higher color.

The true and false method of    simple propolis capsules:

   1. Wipe the propolis capsules with your hands immediately and smell the propolis capsules. Real propolis capsules are aromatic epoxy resins, while fake propolis capsules are bed bug glue. Wipe the propolis capsule liquid on your hands with your hands. Propolis capsules can indeed be completely digested, while fake propolis capsules are spherical and cannot be completely digested.

  2, immediately put the propolis capsule in your mouth and taste the taste of the propolis capsule. Real propolis capsules taste bitter, spicy, spicy, astringent, and hemp. The color is deep red. Propolis capsules are considered real and good propolis capsules. The fake propolis capsules have only bitter taste, no other taste, and the color is dark gray.

  3. Put the propolis capsule liquid into the water, the oil-soluble propolis capsule liquid with good solubility and cost-effectiveness is completely dissolved in the water, the color is light yellow, and it can be digested well; poor quality propolis capsules are basically Insoluble in water, some are suspended in water, some are like vegetable oil, and some stick to the inner cavity of the cup, and the color is dark gray, so the solubility of propolis capsules is not good, so it is not easy to digest in nature.

   The above is part of the method of identifying the authenticity of propolis capsules recommended by Shanghai Shangyuan Information Technology Co., Ltd., I hope to help you, if you need to know about related issues or anti-counterfeiting industry, please contact me Division. Our company will repay you with sincere service.

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