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Against the transregional tags are anti-counterfeiting carrier of the goods

by:LG Printing     2021-02-25

the more economic development, the more complex security situation, at least for now. ShangYuan anti-counterfeiting, director of the said. Bad product management easy to counterfeit, transregional chaos and disorderly price now has become the common fault in many industries. Want to solve this mess need build anti-counterfeiting transregional prevention system, through the regulation of the process of commodity circulation, make the transregional away from you, say to defend the transregional system involving anti-counterfeiting transregional label, let's go to see anti-counterfeiting anti channeling goods labels! ! ! !

security against the transregional tags are bunch of cargo carrier, this kind of label, most of the time in the form of qr code labels. The use of anti-counterfeiting anti channeling goods labels can help enterprises to the problem. Labels and use the combination of system, the digital products, complete enterprise unified management of product and avoid the risk of the product was fake, and serious loss of transregional brings to the enterprises and dealers. < br / >

ShangYuan security company, is committed to technology development and upgrade, focus on the needs of customers and services. Channeling prevention carries an anti-counterfeit label for the goods production is based on the modern printing technology, with qr code technology and stickers logo as the carrier. After the qr code label products anti-counterfeiting and the cargo information, such as product of the year, the production process, packaging, warehousing, logistics, transport, production time and so on each link of data information, are the ways of qr code label printing. Because of qr code has low in production cost, mature technology, and easy to use, high confidentiality, or import of mobile Internet drainage. Qr code used by businesses and consumers like and won the popularity of the market. < br / >

through qr code and the cargo security label jointly established a security against the transregional sale system, the system gives different qr code for each product, so that enterprises can set up a sound product information management system. Through the supervision over the data information of product tracking management, convenient enterprise technology systematic, standardized management. The problems of the products for the transregional < br / >

if the product problems, transregional system will give alarm prompt assuming that products appear in other areas, anti-counterfeiting system anti channeling goods will be found in time, make those dealers can't converse fluky psychology, make whole dealers forces get serious management and monitoring. < br / >

ShangYuan company anti-counterfeiting transregional label, according to customer needs, can form through a target to make choose one way to avoid pretend to false and inferior product through illegal secondary packaging back into the market. Tags can be divided into two parts, respectively is mother to child tags and labels. Son mother tag, the inner relation between each combination, light and shade. Mother by patent tester inspection label, label tip: please enter the code, and the combination holed up in its tag. Anti-counterfeiting anti channeling goods tag mother generally is the product of the main label, child tags generally as a product of the sealing label, once the product is open, which damage the child tags. Secondary recovery of product packaging counterfeiters unable to access to lash together, this method can be useful to avoid illegal back packing counterfeiting products into the market. Effective. < br / >

anti-counterfeiting prevent transregional tags used to prevent the transregional great value < br / >

tag can be one-on-one, or it can be a couple more, depending on the company's product packaging way as well as the agent of the management pattern, anti-counterfeiting mother company can according to the regional Settings TAB sending interval, once inside the area between an anti-counterfeiting code in other areas is query, system will take the initiative to call the police, prompted the company have the transregional phenomenon. Because anti-counterfeiting anti channeling goods label has the corresponding parent tag and son, so, through the mother tag can also monitor to the child. Through the anti-counterfeiting anti channeling goods corresponding contact tag lash, can be useful to prevent the transregional sale situation of the company. < br / >

the transregional system makes the traditional enterprise modern management, complete Internet security prevention darting cargo system not only can provide enterprises with products for cargo management plan, as well as finished products, such as anti-counterfeiting, traceability, marketing plan, product management for the enterprise to provide integrated services, so the anti-counterfeiting anti channeling goods labels play a very important role in anti channeling goods. So, anti-counterfeiting technology and the transregional sale system, through the carrier carries an anti-counterfeit label for the qr code to realize the value of his technique.

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