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After the first hot stamping and hot stamping in printing self-adhesive label

by:LG Printing     2021-01-23

the non-drying label printing has a hot stamping process. Hot stamping before printing can be selected according to different needs later, hot stamping, bronzing first refers to the label machine, roll paper first hot stamping, and then printing. After hot stamping is refers to the first printing, bronzing finally. Now by the guide to learn together!

first bronzing or dry ink after hot stamping are the key problems. Hot stamping graphic and printed by the relationship between the two kinds of circumstances: the coordination and dieyin. Due to the use of ink is different, the function of label making machine is divided into two models after the first hot stamping and hot stamping.

hot stamping process first. Used in intermittent paper printing machine, use normal ink, hot stamping parts installed in the front of the label making machine printing stations. Due to the use of ink for oxidative polymerization drying, printing ink after it takes time to dry completely, so hot stamping graphic must avoid ink. The best way to avoid ink is on the reel material hot stamping in advance, and then printing, this can make the printing graphic and hot stamping by separation. If the hot stamping on the graphic printing, due to the electrochemical aluminum as the metal surface, ink only volatile, conjunctiva, no penetration, and electrochemical aluminum surface is smooth, not doctrine, should not be printed. First bronzing can prevent the ink smearing, ensure the quality of label printing.

after hot stamping process. Use ink after hot stamping process, hot stamping parts installed on the back of the label making machine printing stations. Drum materials first and after drying device, ink instant dry, then in the material surface after drying of printing ink or ink on the surface of hot stamping. Because of the ink is dry, hot stamping by parallel and dieyin the reel material does not have any effect, ink smearing phenomenon will not occur.

compared two hot stamping way, after hot stamping is an ideal method, bring convenience to label graphic design, and expand the application range of hot stamping graphic. But the limitations of the equipment system, tag cost is relatively high. First hot stamping process is suitable for the small label simple graphic processing, low cost, wide application range, is small and medium-sized printing plant commonly used methods.

the above is the non-drying label printing process - to give to you Hot stamping do a simple introduction, you have learned!

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