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Advantages of anti-counterfeiting labels

by:LG Printing     2021-08-21

Peeling off the anti-counterfeiting label with characters is also called uncovering the anti-counterfeiting label at the bottom. The technical term is VOID anti-counterfeiting label, which is one of the anti-counterfeiting labels. Many people may have seen this kind of label on some high-end products. This kind of seal label will be stuck on the seal of the outer packaging box of the product. When the label is opened, a lot of ink on the label will be left on the affixed object. , I want to restore it after sticking it back and finding that it's not sticking anymore. This is a sealed anti-counterfeiting label with a special anti-counterfeiting material. Its principle is similar to that of a fragile anti-counterfeiting sticker. What is the material of the tear-open anti-counterfeiting label?

Its essence is a kind of anti-counterfeiting material, a kind of anti-counterfeiting typeface, and the self-adhesive label produced with the base material will be Separate the pre-set words or patterns from the surface material, such as: 'VOIDThat is bad.

Tear-open anti-counterfeiting labels can choose different substrates according to the printing method and the condition of the substrate. The preset fonts in the substrate are not only common You can also specify a special edition. It is mostly used on product sealing labels, such as medicine, health food, electronic products, confidential documents, high-end tobacco and alcohol, etc., to prevent unauthorized disassembly and misappropriation of documents, packages, plastic films, etc., to improve product image and consumer purchase Confidence, anti-counterfeiting, confidentiality and transfer prevention are important means.

What needs to be explained here is that material anti-counterfeiting is generally used to identify the authenticity of the material itself, and the cost is relatively high. Generally, there is no anti-counterfeiting query function. The cost of fraud is also high.

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