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Advantages and applications of double-layer anti-counterfeiting labels

by:LG Printing     2021-04-15
What is a double-layer label' target='_blank'>anti-counterfeiting label? Many people will say that the label is just the label. How come it is divided into single-layer and double-layer. In fact, the styles of labels are too diversified, and there are endless ones, only you can't think of, nothing can't be done. This also shows that the times are innovating, and the anti-counterfeiting industry is also constantly innovating. The double-layer anti-counterfeiting label not only adds a lot of fun, but also its appearance is very beautiful and beautiful. Why do you say that, because it has a unique double-layer label process, which can be double-layered color, which means that there will be a variety of The color can also be; fairy color, is it particularly exciting? Not only is it good-looking, it also has a strong anti-counterfeiting function. It is really a multi-purpose label. Next, let me introduce to you the application and advantages of double-layer anti-counterfeiting labels.

   First, let’s understand the principle of double-layer anti-counterfeiting label technology:

   Double-layer anti-counterfeiting label is a material-based anti-counterfeiting method. Uncovered VOID anti-counterfeiting material (also called anti-counterfeiting font) is a reminder-type self-adhesive anti-counterfeiting material whose base material is mostly plastic film. Uncovering the bottom anti-counterfeiting label includes uncovering the hollow and leaving the text and leaving the image; when uncovering, it is layered and the content hidden between the layers is displayed, which can prevent unauthorized uncovering, moving, reposting, and one uncovering. It is the characteristics of loss and loss.

  Secondly, the advantages of double-layer anti-counterfeiting labels, features:

  1. Double-layer label, contains very rich product information;

  2. In addition to anti-counterfeiting, it can also achieve publicity and anti-transfer functions at the same time;

  3. Both layers of label can realize color and data variable;

  4. Double coated paper, OPP, PE, PET, PO, etc. can be selected for the surface material according to the actual needs of the printing method, the surface of the substrate, etc. The substrate can be made of white, matte silver, glossy silver or other Color, can also be made into color effect

  5. The surface material can be coated according to the printing method. The surface of the treated substrate has obvious printing and printing effects, and it is resistant to chemical reagents and abrasion. It can save the printing ribbon and reduce the loss of the printing machine; printing with offset printing, UV, gravure and other printing methods can show different printing effects

  6. When the label is torn off from the surface of the sticky material, the pre-set text or image of the substrate is separated from the substrate and remains on the surface of the sticky material without any defects. The substrate and font cannot be recovered after tearing. Once opened, it will be damaged and cannot be restored. It has anti-transfer function.

  7. The preset fonts in the base material can be text, images, but also other images specified by the customer. The selection and edition of images will greatly enhance the effectiveness of anti-counterfeiting and improve the corporate image.

   8. The double-layer anti-counterfeiting label facilitates the combination of multiple technologies and greatly improves the anti-counterfeiting performance of the product.

   3. Double-layer anti-counterfeiting label application:

   is suitable for high-standard tobacco and alcohol, cosmetics, jewelry, electronic products and other industries. Especially use the two-dimensional code anti-counterfeiting traceability system. Both double-layer labels can be used as a QR code to achieve a more powerful QR code system function. The label surface layer is generally the label and verification instructions. Uncover the label surface layer to reveal the bottom label containing the verification information. The bottom label has strong anti-transfer ability. Using rainbow holographic or laser materials, the label is beautiful and dazzling, and the double-layer design allows the label to contain more product promotion and anti-counterfeiting information, which increases the added value of the product.

   Double-layer anti-counterfeiting labels have always appeared in our lives, but we often ignore them. For example, the Moutai you buy uses this label, and sometimes it appears on the product packaging, sometimes It will appear directly on the product bottle, so we must always pay attention to life. When you decide to buy a product, remember to check the product's anti-counterfeiting code in advance to see its authenticity.

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