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by:LG Printing     2020-03-10
Guangzhou Tiansong Digital Technology Co. , Ltd. , other anti-counterfeiting companies, is located in the international business center and has its own independent production work and workshop, with a daily output of up to 10 million pieces, the formal anti-counterfeiting company that has been focusing on anti-counterfeiting for 10 years does not have its own printing factory, and the supply cycle is slow. It can't guarantee the delivery cycle or even know the fake and fake the customer's label, the system has its own independent professional and technical research and development department, independent research and development team, independent intellectual property rights of anti-smuggling software and integral software products to monitor the whole process, to achieve 360 degrees without dead corners to tailor personalized modules for customers, there is no independent logistics, anti-smuggling management system, and problems encountered through outsourcing and other means cannot be timely feedback, the problem of fleeing goods cannot cure the waste of a large amount of money and time. Enterprise reputation is affected, anti-counterfeiting technology patents, exclusive patent anti-counterfeiting technology certification, obtained a number of national patent anti-counterfeiting label technology certification, system and anti-counterfeiting products are immature. The single function of anti-counterfeiting technology is not perfect. In the experimental stage, independent servers, huge sums of money to buy independent servers, to ensure data security, quick response to inquiry, no independent servers, unsafe, slow inquiry, pre-sales service, the special car in Guangzhou will be transported to the company to visit and enjoy VIP Star service. No, the service attitude is poor, after-sales guarantee, defective product return and replacement service, and five-year follow-up service to ensure smooth inquiry. The problems raised by customers cannot be solved in time and the quality is difficult to guarantee.
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