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A large number of fake imported Meishi cat foods enter the market, will you tell the truth?

by:LG Printing     2021-04-14
Let’s briefly introduce Mess. Mess Nutro is an imported cat and dog food from the United States. It is mainly cat food in China. There is an overseas flagship store in China. This company has been acquired by Mars, so Mess, Baolu, and Weijia , Youka are all under the Mars Group. Many catteries in China like to feed Meishi, so in addition to direct mail, there are also a lot of parallel imports sold in China. Then directly share how to distinguish between true and false!

  Method summary:

  1. Bold: On the back of the genuine product, there is a sentence full of flavor in English, which is bold and capitalized, but the sentence of fake product is not thick enough.

  2. Green tick: There is no introduction such as corn on the back. It can be clearly seen that the genuine √ is greener, and the fake √ is not green enough.

  3. Color: The background color of the genuine text is white, and the fake text is yellow.

   4. Appearance. Appearance This is what another friend told me. I don’t have a real hammer. After all, I don’t have a fake. My friend said that the fake is shiny. The packaging of the real one is a bit matte and won’t shine. In addition, it’s genuine. It's very similar to the date format of fakes, so it's hard to tell!

   It seems that China has fully mastered the technology of fake imported grain production date, and the date batches of genuine and fake products are exactly the same. It is almost impossible for a batch to have two different packages. Later, based on the full of flavor, I came to find packages at home and abroad.

   I searched for pictures of foreign Meishi, full of flavor is in bold and capitalized, and the buyer's show taken by the landline at the flagship store is also capitalized and bold. Be careful about packaging and tasting, because This batch of grains has been found to be fake, so there may be another package of fake goods coming out. Everyone who buys the goods must pay attention to it. In addition, everyone must be careful to pack and taste. Many fake goods are expired. They are all made into sub-packages and tastings. Others have made fake products, and they will definitely work hard on the particles and taste. It is generally difficult to see the appearance and smell. Even if there is a problem with the food, the batch is different. You don't have any bullshit anymore.

   And you don’t even know which batch he used for sub-packaging, and how to buy the genuine product. According to industry sources, fakes usually flow to the pure circle of friends micro-merchants, all kinds of group purchases, but small quantities are sold. In the target Taobao stores and physical stores, many sellers and buyers only recognize low prices, or feel confident that they can tell the truth from the fake. Of course, some of them are really bad and sell fake goods directly. According to them, WeChat Moments and WeChat Group buying is a lot of purchases, because even if you find a Wechat merchant selling fakes, you can be blocked by others. Unlike a Taobao store that still cares about evaluation, the physical store is afraid that you will find it.

   But group buying is low-price and volume, which can quickly clear the fakes. As long as you sell low-price, there will always be someone willing to buy. Several friends and agents have told me that there are many more Melon, that is, there are still a lot of problematic products on the market, whether it is fake or the date is changed, but many of them are reluctant to tell me. After all, they don’t want to offend people. Recently, I will also study some with some domestic food manufacturers. The inside story of the domestically produced food is actually eating melons every day. I feel that there are materials again today, but I also feel very sad because the melons prove that many sellers and buyers have been deceived, and many cats and dogs eat fake and shoddy products.

   And we don’t know who these cheating people are, and they didn’t pay any price. Then they must continue to cheat, dozens of times of profit, unlimited supply, no price, who would not do this job. By the way, custom anti-counterfeiting labels, to learn more about anti-counterfeiting, welcome to call 400-998-0111. Shangyuan Anti-counterfeiting is at your service!
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