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4 Branding Tips to Create a Memorable Logo

by:LG Printing     2020-04-26
A strong brand is one of the most important ways for a business to guarantee that your consumers will think of you as a leading expert in your field. Your logo is a part of what makes your brand unique, and standing out is the key to becoming recognized throughout the industry. This logo should be utilized throughout every product and service you offer to create a consistent presence where customers can immediately distinguish your brand. One of the first things your audience and consumers will notice is your logo, so taking the right measures to make sure you're creating a strong brand is creating a strong logo. 1. Distinguishing your logo and having others associate your logo with the services and reliability you offer can be difficult. Creating that association helps people recognize your company values, services, and credibility just by seeing your logo. Make it simple, yet memorable and express these characteristics and associations in your logo's vision. 2. Have you ever noticed that the Amazon logo has a smiling arrow pointing from "A" to "Z," which symbolizes customer satisfaction in every product? Perhaps you've noticed the peacock in the NBC logo, which characterizes the increased use of color television and has become a huge marketing tool for the company. This type of creativity incorporates amusing and unique elements into their brands that people automatically recognize, and where people can relate, again, to the company's values and services. 3. Keep your brand consistent and avoid constantly changing your the look of your logo. Apply this logo to every aspect of your business, from your business cards, to stationary, to personalized items and much more. If you think about how major businesses use their logo, you might want to consider their uses for ways to incorporate your brand in every aspect of your business and marketing plan. 4. Once you have decided on a logo, you will also want to associate it with your social media accounts and your website so that potential customers can experience your brand through your web presence. Evaluate your visual brand from an objective point of view and make sure that you can relate to your business as a consumer. If you are not comfortable with the your visual brand, chances are others might feel the same way. Be creative and be distinctive! You don't want to get thrown into a sea of forgettable brands. Copyright (c) 2012 Custom bottles of Water
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