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3 Things to Remember About PLR

by:LG Printing     2020-04-28
I'm sure you've heard about Private Label Rights (PLR) content. People have been promoting it as a quick and easy way to build information products and make lots of money. But you may have also heard that PLR is just crap. Or that it's cheating somehow. The truth is actually somewhere in the middle. I have 3 things that I want you to remember about PLR. It Is Ethical That's right - you can use PLR without any problems... provided that you stick to some important rules: Abide strictly by the terms that you are given with the content. Don't use it where it isn't welcome (such as article directories). Don't make any claims about it that are not true. Private labelling is not new. Internet marketing did not create this concept. You have probably bought no name branded products at your grocery store (or at least seen them on the shelves). You know that the grocery chain doesn't have a food processing plant out there. They've taken products from another company and put their own label on them. Perfectly legal. Perfectly ethical. And it happens in all kinds of industries. So you can rest assured that your use of PLR is okay too. Just don't make any false claims about it or use it in a way that violates anyone's terms of use. Most of it Is Crap I hate to say it, but most of the PLR that is available is crap. Poorly written. Sometimes even spun - yuck! But that doesn't mean that all of it is bad. There is great PLR out there. You do have to look for it though. You'll have to pay for it too. When you're looking for good quality PLR there are a few things you need to look for. It is usually paid for although some PLR dealers will offer free samples. Look for dealers who limit the quantities they sell. Unlimited distribution means more people with the same content. When you find a good PLR dealer, stick with them and learn who their friends are. You'll find other great PLR that way too. Many PLR dealers will take requests, so ask for what you need. As for the crappy PLR, you can find tons of the stuff given away as list building freebies. It will clog up your hard drive pretty quick too. But just because it is poorly written doesn't mean it is completely useless. You can often find inspiration and ideas for writing your own articles based on it. Make it Your Own The final piece of advice I'd like to leave you is to personalize the PLR before you use it. PLR is intended to be a generic base for your content. Take it and mold it into the shape you need. Give it your voice. Add to it, take parts out, combine it. The beauty of PLR is that you can do just about anything with it in terms of creating content. Take a series of related articles and create a report to give to your clients or email list. Use the text to create a video for YouTube. Break a PLR report into simple lessons for an email course. The options are endless. Just remember that even though you can use PLR just the way you get it, that isn't the best way to use it. Conclusion I hope that you have a little better understanding of what Private Label Rights content can do for you, when used properly. It isn't for everyone. You may decide that PLR isn't right for you. Just remember these 3 tips when you make the decision.
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