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3. Plant Protection: pesticides, fertilizers, seeds, plant protection machines;

by:LG Printing     2020-03-14
4, cosmetics: skin care products, cosmetics; 5, clothing: men's clothing, women's clothing, children's clothing; 6, jewelry: wall clock, necklace, ring, Jade match; 7. Food: food and finished products, edible oil, sterilized fresh milk, finished milk, aquatic products, canned food, sugar, cold food, beverages, distilled liquor, wine making, fermented wine, condiments, finished bean products, cakes, preserved sugar, pickled vegetables, health food, new resource food; 8. Toys: remote control toys, electric toys, inertial toys, musical instrument toys, wire-controlled toys, voice-controlled toys, Force-controlled toys, bright toys; 9. Certificates: graduation certificate, ID card, driver's license, ticket, VIP certificate and VIP certificate. With the development of the anti-counterfeiting label, the label has now been opened from a large to a highly secure comprehensive anti-counterfeiting sticker, as small as the unit function warning mobile phone warranty label, all have anti-counterfeiting, anti-theft, anti-removal, safe handling and other functions. Uncovering the font anti-counterfeiting adhesive is a kind of open-type adhesive anti-counterfeiting data with a large part of the base material as plastic, including opening the hollow text and leaving pictures: opening the time layer and displaying the content hidden between the layers can prevent unauthorized unfolding, moving and repasting. It is mostly used for logistics labels, anti-theft sealing labels and seals: layered labels are mostly used for code anti-counterfeiting labels, and labels produced as substrates, if it is opened or torn, it will be separated and a preset picture or text will appear, that is, the surface of the self-adhesive surface material and the object to be attached will be obviously and structurally damaged, such as 'VOID, opened, or product name. The anti-fake code on the label supports various inquiry methods such as telephone inquiry, short message inquiry and network inquiry, all of which are actively replied by the anti-fake system developed by our company to support 24-hour inquiry, try your best to ensure your rights and interests at any time, and strive to improve the company's product image and increase the proportion of shopping malls. Professional and perfect anti-counterfeiting code system, making full use of the principle of random number, each anti-counterfeiting code has its own nature, fundamentally eliminating the duplication of anti-counterfeiting codes and ensuring the identification of each product (Security code) The uniqueness of the, and the anti-counterfeiting code that has been queried will be deleted in the anti-counterfeiting system immediately, and will not be repeated in the future code-out process.
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