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2. Low production cost; Many encryption technologies can be added to the plate making process, and the cost of the plate only needs to be made once. The main plate can be stored for a long time, but will it be produced in the future?

by:LG Printing     2020-02-01
3. Diversity of technical types; It can include laser color hologram, 3D optical miniature background, dot matrix lithography dynamic light, colorful optical random interference, dual channel effect and other technologies. 4. Strong extensibility of laser technology: the laser effect pattern can be hot stamped on different materials, not only limited to plastic films, but also integrates holographic effect and substrate through the action of heat and pressure. Fanchi has many years of production experience, and can perfectly print the specified 3D laser pattern on self-adhesive, coated paper, PET, PVC, Pearl film, brushed silver and other materials, leaving no indentation and anti-transfer, it not only increases the overall aesthetics, but also enhances the anti-counterfeiting effect.
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