Label Color option
CYMK color printing/Pantone color printing
Size option
20*20mm,40*40mm,custom size.
Shape option
Circle/square/Rectangle/triangle/custom shape
Finished option
Sticker on sheet/sticker in roll
Thickness option
25#,38#,50#,100#or custom
Stickness option
Standard stickness/removable stickness/strongest stickness
Process option
2D/3D/QR code printing/Numbering/Barcode/Scratch code/Invisible UV logo printing/embossed/color printing and so on.
Material option
Paper/Foil paper/laser paper/Fragile paper/thermal paper/Sythentic paper/PET/PVC/PP/PE/Metallic silver/Metallic gold and so on
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Holographic Labels is the most attractive and popular label,

It combination the rainbow reflective color and patterns to makes the label fancy and beautiful.

Small quantity Accept ,Free sample before you order.

Welcome to contact us to get more detail.


Holographic Labels

Color option

CYMK color printing/Pantone color printing

Size option

20*20mm,40*40mm,custom size.

Shape option

Rectangle/square/circle/triangle/custom shape

Finished option

Sticker on sheet/sticker in roll

Material option

Paper/Foil paper/laser paper/Fragile paper/thermal paper/Sythentic paper/PET/PVC/PP/PE/Metallic silver/Metallic gold and so on

Thickness option


Stickness option

Standard stickness/removable stickness/strongest stickness

Process option

QR code printing/Numbering/Barcode/Scratch code/Invisible UV logo printing/embossed/stamping and so on.





very good,i like it
Used this to cover “peeping Tom” window in upstairs bathroom. Was super easy to install and has stayed in place. Pattern looks so nice, especially when the sun shines through. It’s not the top privacy level but given that the window is upstairs it does the job just fine. Glad I choose this particular pattern over the other options. Really looks classy. We actually leave the shower curtain open cause we love to look at it. Wish I had other windows to use it on. Lol
Great product, second home I've purchased for (I definitely could have taken it down from the last house, but we decided to rent it and I though it was a nice touch on a 2nd floor stairwell window). Perfect for large glass doors or any glass you don't want to put blinds on. Measure twice, cut once, it will stretch a little maybe a 1/4 of an inch for every 3' you install.
A very unique way to cover up your windows for privacy while still enjoying natural light. The product out of the package will use static cling to adhere to the windows which was hit or miss for me. I found adding some small clear 3D command tape worked wonders. I love the look of my windows and people comment on it.
Easy to apply to window, and easy to clean! I have a big window above my door, and I didn’t want to cover the window up completely because it lets in a lot of natural light, and this contact peal works perfectly. I used one roll, and still have some left over.
Worked as expected. Apparently the BIOS in HP Elite X2 tablets will only recognize HP brand chargers, so you don't have many options.
This worked with my HP 8100 series printer
Fits our HP Spectre Great
Works great on my HP Spectre x360 (late 2016).
Perfect and great price!
Works for HP Pavillion X2 12t. The form factor can be little more attractive. I understand it is just a charger but still. ..
As expected!
Product works fine. Charges as fast as the original that came with my HP Spectre x360. I am trying to reach Amazon to get the rest of my order. I ordered two. Received two adapters but only one power cord.
Bought 2 so I don't have to haul with me from the office and home they work great.
got this after the charger that came with my laptop didn't work
It works well
Okay product, does its job, but slowly. Cannot find a replacement for the 95W that came with the laptop (HP Spectre 360 15.6).
Bought this as a spare charger for an Elite X2. It's got a different shape than the stock charger, but the specs and connector look the same. Works just as well, far as I can tell.
Nice quality
The actual size of these is 7/8 on an inch. Be aware from star tip - to star tip is 7/8 on an inch. Good sticking silver star.
Best sticker worked great for mailing envelopes
I just use these to be a smart ass at work or at play. Someone says something stupid? Gold Star!
This size star sticker was so hard to find. These fit perfectly for my needs. Great product. Would definitely purchase again in the future.
work well
Great decoration.
They were nice but too small for our project. We wanted them for sky in our worship center. So they did not get used
Love these! Perfect for my sons chore and behavior charts!
I have installed several window cling privacy in windows over the last two years. This is the first time I've ever purchased this brand. I had a window that was too wide for one sheet so I had to install it with a seam. I found that it was not difficult to install and the product materials are considerably higher quality to that of other brands. I would highly recommend!
Pretty cool stuff. Covered a window that had a poor view and to increase security by obscuring view into my home. I love the way the light filters through this - and it is more interesting than the old view. Easy installation - just wish the material was wider so it would better fit my larger windows, but I was able to cut a piece and line it up with little effort - to good results. I would buy this, or similar product again.
This was a little difficult to cut to size as directed, so I cut it bigger than the window and followed the directions to clean the window and then apply soapy water. I squished out the air bubbles and got it to stick as well as I could. THEN I took an exacto knife and trimmed the whole thing to fit my window better. There are still a lot of little air bubbles. I think I'm going to take it down and re-do it now that I kinda know what I'm doing and see if I can get a better result. The good news, it works. Looking at anything through it is like having a bag trip, but pretty. At night the street lights show through it making a beatiful pattern on the floor.
Great product! My wife & I wanted some kind of obscuring stained glass for our front door/ windows- both for looks & privacy. We looked into the real thing, but it was far pricier than either of us wanted to spend. I decided to try this film. I'll admit, I was REALLY skeptical- figuring this would look like cheap and trashy. Boy, was I wrong! Unless you look very close, you can't tell that this isnt the real thing! The photos dont do it justice, I'm exceptionally satisfied with this product! The only drawback is installing the film. It's bit tricky to get it to go on perfectly....which you have to do otherwise it becomes obvious that its fake. But, so long as you're patient, follow the directions- and are willing to waste a bit of material on a "practice run"- you can make it perfect. I would highly recommend buying a kit to help you put it on right. 5 out of 5 stars- would buy it again.
Our pantry door is glass. My pantry is not always as neat as it should be (gasp). This window treatment is a great way to disguise a sometime less than neat pantry. LOVE it!!
This ia a nice buy. Much easier to install than i had feared!! Air bubbles were minimal and easy to flatten out. They still let light through but cant see in even with lights on.
Bought this for our balcony door as I was tired of ugly blinds that were constantly being bent and broken by active kids. This lets in just enough light to brighten the room and no worrying about opening/closing blinds everyday. It was super easy to put up and gives the door a nice clean look
The installation process took about 5 minutes. I used their installer kit but if you have a squirt bottle and a flat piece of plastic to smooth out the bubbles then it is super easy. I am pretty happy with the results as well, I think it transformed the door completely from something I didn’t really like (wide open window into my home) to a nice source of light that keeps prying eyes out of my home.
Very easy to install. Beautiful design, that keeps out prying eyes while letting the sun shine in.
Great product. Better than I expected. Beautiful effect.
I was afraid it would look cheap or tacky but it looks great! Several people asked if I replace the window glass. It provides the privacy I need while letting the light in.
I love what this does to an old mirror and to large party windows needing privacy!
This film is very private but still allows light to come thru. We have ours in the bathroom and have not concerns about privacy. Follow the directions on the package and you should have no problems.
Second time purchasing Rabbitgoo window clings and second time we've been entirely satisfied.
Product did not match the picture. Both the "brown" and the "clear" are actually the same pattern with a different tint.
Great product
Blocks snoopy passerby’s but allows the light in.
Some difficulty getting the back off. I used tape on both sides to peel them apart. Helps to get the window kit and a good exacto knife. Looks great and provides privacy once completed. I'll be getting more for our bathroom!
Love it
I like it it does the job nicely.
Very pleased with the product! I would definitely recommend it to anyone.
Broke up the view from the neighbors. Actually made room brighter. Thinking about putting more in other windows.
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