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by:LG Printing     2020-03-05
Everyone knows that fruit contact with air is the most easily oxidized and rotted product. Don't say that housewives don't like it, the fruit farmers who produce and sell will cause huge losses, but now a small sticker provides an effective solution! The sticker itself is a food-grade production standard. It is not only harmless, but also allows the fruit attached to it to delay the decay of the 50%? How did he do it? Scientists have studied that the reason for fruit spoilage is that the oxidation process causes the fruit to produce a large amount of ethylene, and the sodium chloride and beeswax in this sticker can fully absorb the ethylene released by the fruit, thereby reducing the rate of decay. What the hell is ethylene? Ethylene is a natural ripening agent found in mature fruits, and this sticker can just absorb and neutralize it, that's all! How can we not think of such a simple logic? Who wants us to learn chemistry well! It's really embarrassing. This sticker has been officially used in the United States in November 2018. I believe that in the near future, Chinese people will have this natural preservation technology!
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