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by:LG Printing     2020-02-18
For families with children, such problems are often encountered. Sometimes there are many children's stickers on the clean walls of the home, which may be bought by them or rewarded by teachers. For some sticky and firm stickers, when you remove it, there will be ugly marks on the wall. And one thing to say is that even if you take off all the stickers, the children will often stick new stickers on the wall when you don't pay attention. In other words, this matter is repeated, unless the children lose interest in this matter one day. Wallpapers are easy to use when decorating, but letting them fall off may be another story. If the proven technology of slowly stripping wallpaper from a corner does not work, you may need to be more creative. Try waving a hair dryer on wallpaper or soaking waterproof articles in hot water to soften the adhesive. To avoid leaving irritating residues, you can wipe the area around the wallpaper with alcohol or oil-based substances, gradually loosen the sticky debris, and help the wallpaper clean. Scrape off the sticker: Use a thin device to pick up the corner of the sticker. If you are not worried about scars on the surface, razor blades or putty knives will give you the best results. Otherwise, place your hand on a softer plastic scraper. Work on the outer edge of the sticker until you have enough loose material to grab. In addition to the children, some adults like to decorate their rooms with stickers. When replacing or removing them, it is also a troublesome thing. So is there any easy way to help us? The following small series brings you an effective and convenient method. You can easily remove the sticker from the wall in six steps. The first step is to set the hair dryer to a low temperature. First of all, what we need to do is to use the hair dryer to blow dry the sticker. There is no need for a high-end hair dryer. Any ordinary hair dryer can do this. Open the hair dryer to the lowest setting and align it with the sticker, about 6 to 8 inch from the wall. In addition, if you have a hot air gun, you can also use it to replace the hair dryer. Just set it to low gear and move back and forth 6 to 8 inch from the wall. The second step is to test the temperature of the sticker. When you use the hot air of the hair dryer to blow the sticker on the wall, please stop every few seconds to check the temperature of the sticker. Once the touch sticker is warm, you can turn off the hair dryer. It should be noted that the temperature of the sticker should not be overheated. If the adhesive on the sticker backing becomes too hot, it will become sticky and it is unlikely to peel off the wall cleanly. The third step is to start gently removing the stickers. Once the stickers are warm when touched, they can be stripped off the wall. Start from one corner and then slowly move toward another corner. The whole process should be slow, otherwise you may tear the sticker or stick the paint on the wall. It should be noted that if the sticker is not easy to peel off the wall, then you need to use a hair dryer to heat it for a few seconds. Step 4, continue to peel the sticker until the sticker is completely stripped from the wall. Patience is very important, especially when you face large stickers. Remove the sticker slowly from the wall until it is completely peeled off. You can use a hair dryer to heat it when necessary. Here is a useful tip. A small flat scraper can help you peel off larger stickers from the wall. Step 5, remove any residue on the wall sometimes, despite your best efforts, the wallpaper cannot be completely removed from the wall. Sometimes there will be some residue on the wall. If this happens, you can use a small amount of multi-purpose detergent and cleaning cloth to gently wipe off the residue on the wall. It should be noted that before you apply the detergent to the sticker, be sure to test a small amount of detergent in an inconspicuous position on the wall, observe and understand the reaction of the wall to this detergent. The sixth step, use other methods, if the sticker is heated, there is no effect. You can use a specially designed adhesive remover to peel the sticker off the wall. Use according to the instructions and then peel the sticker off the wall. If you don't want to use it, you can also use white vinegar. Apply a small amount of white vinegar to the surface of the sticker with a cotton swab or brush, let stand for about five minutes, and then peel the sticker off the wall. In addition, you may need to repeat this process many times to completely peel the sticker off the wall. It should be noted that both adhesive remover and white vinegar may react with the wall surface. Before smearing, the test should be carried out in an inconspicuous position on the wall so as to observe and understand the reaction of the wall. Although it seems that removing the sticker from the wall is a troublesome thing, it can help you easily get it through the above six steps, hoping to bring some help to everyone.
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