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by:LG Printing     2020-02-08
The following is an introduction to how to use AI to add bleeding and cutting marks to stickers. Friends who like it can learn to make them together! 1st step, open a design good stickers. We will take this example as the standard and add bleeding position and cutting mark. 2nd step, select frame click Object menu inside of path click offset path is set displacement for 1. 5mm, click OK. 3rd step, then is the original of frame is set no color fill and red of stroke. 4th step, then to the following blue the processing. 5th step, select red frame click Object menu inside of create crop marks. 6th step, Mark do the check mark right-click and select isolation selected of group. 7th step, into inside to line are of short a little. Effect are as follows: 8th step, is set. To red frame delete off.
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