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1. It is possible to establish authority in the daily necessities market, so that consumers can purchase safely and safely, and use it more worry-free, and at the same time give enterprises a market

by:LG Printing     2020-02-06
2. Each product has only one anti-counterfeiting password, just like a product has only one ID number, which is a unique anti-counterfeiting password. Consumers can only inquire about anti-counterfeiting labels when they really buy products, the inquiry method must be through 400 anti-counterfeiting phone, website and two-dimensional code, and can only be inquired through the corresponding system. 3. Anti-counterfeiting labels are difficult to fake. Each anti-counterfeiting password is a number generated by the anti-counterfeiting system, effectively resisting fake and inferior products. Guangzhou zhengpai Technology Co. , Ltd. focuses on: anti-counterfeiting labels, anti-counterfeiting labels, two-dimensional code anti-counterfeiting labels, laser labels, provide anti-counterfeiting labels and anti-smuggling solutions for alcohol, electrical appliances, health products, maternal and infant products, home building materials, cosmetics, tea, daily necessities and other industries.
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