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1. Analysis of the current situation of anti-counterfeiting market

by:LG Printing     2020-01-30
The sales volume of alcoholic products in the market is large, the price differentiation is obvious, and the phenomenon of false and false, shoddy, etc. seriously disrupt the market. In addition, the distribution forms are diversified, and the problems of cross-regional vicious goods are hindered. Directly causing corporate brand image and consumer distrust, these problems require enterprises to pay attention to anti-counterfeiting. 2. The anti-counterfeiting value of anti-counterfeiting products of liquor products, first, reflects the formalization of enterprises, so that consumers can buy with confidence and worry, bringing better market reputation to enterprises. Second, when consumers purchase products, they can check the authenticity through telephone, website, SMS, WeChat, etc. to eliminate the worries of consumers. Third, through the two-dimensional code anti-counterfeiting technology to achieve 'one product, one code', so that the counterfeiters are unprofitable due to the increase in fraud costs, effectively resist the counterfeiters. At present, the design principle of anti-counterfeiting products is mainly designed for the phenomenon that counterfeiters recycle wine bottles. Most of them use the technology of destroying the original wine bottle, but the design angle and grade are different. 3. The anti-counterfeiting solution for liquor products. In the future, the development of anti-counterfeiting technology will mainly change from the difficulty of copying after the wine bottle is destroyed and the adaptability of anti-counterfeiting products and liquor brands in market development, anti-counterfeiting technology is not only for anti-counterfeiting, but also an important part of liquor brand image maintenance. Authentic anti-counterfeiting technology is developed according to different needs of enterprises with anti-counterfeiting, logistics, information flow synchronization and other functions to ensure timely and accurate data, making it easier and faster for consumers to inquire about authenticity. For more information, please call: 4007500888
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